'Home and Away' star Jessica Falkholt is fighting for her life after deadly car crash

Jessica Falkholt, former Home and Away actress and her sister Annabelle fight for their survival after having met with an unfortunate car accident which killed their parents.

                            'Home and Away' star Jessica Falkholt is fighting for her life after deadly car crash

The devastating car crash that landed former Home and Away actress in the hospital is a horrific incident indeed. The accident is believed to have been caused by a head-on collision, killing her parents - Lars Falkholt, 69, and his wife Vivian, 60 — while seriously injuring Jessica and her sister Annabelle.

Jessica Falkholt is fighting for her life. (Source: Ecaster)

Both Jessica and her sister suffer from life-threatening injuries. The 28-year-old actress is currently admitted to the Saint George Hospital and her sister Annabelle, 21, at Liverpool hospital, where they both remain in a critical condition.

The former 'Home and Away' actress met with a devastating car accident that killed her parents (Source: Matrix)

The Falkholt family were driving home to Sydney up the Princes Hwy after a short break when a Toyota Prado being driven in the opposite direction crossed over to the other side of the road and hit them head-on south of Sussex Inlet.

The wreckage was engulfed in flames just after people pulled Jessica and her sister out of the car. (Source: TNV)

The driver who crashed into the family, 50-year-old Ulladulla man, Craig Anthony Whitall, also died a painful death in the explosion that incinerated both cars. Just as the cops and passers-by pulled the two sisters out, the vehicles were soon engulfed in flames. 

The bodies of the parents were identified thanks to dental records. So bad were the burns, SBS reports. 

Though the driver was killed too, police are struggling to figure out if he was using his phone before the catastrophic incident, according to Daily Telegraph.

This holiday season, a lot of people have faced fatal accidents.  Source: Nine

For those who don't know who Jessica Falkholt is, she is an actress who has established herself both in TV and movies. She also performs stage plays throughout Australia. She is 28 years old.

Jessica is 28 years old, and she currently remains critical at Saint George Hospital. (Source: Matrix)

She successfully auditioned for NIDA in 2012 and had also worked in the production department at Channel Seven and for Carnival Films.

She graduated in 2015 from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney, after which she has appeared in Underbelly: Badness.

She is famous for her role as Hope Morrison in the popular Australian soap opera 'Home And Away,' where she appeared for 16 episodes in 2016.

In 2017, she starred in a short film called Green River: Part One and has also appeared in a fantasy movie called Harmony, which is due for release next year.

Jessica in 'Home and Away' - a popular Australian soap opera. (Source: Seven)

NSW Police Chief Inspector Phil Brooks said the holidays were ‘meant to be a time of happiness’ but ‘sadly for many this has resulted in tragedy’. The police say the accident was caused due to a vehicle being on the wrong side of the road. 

The cops visited the family's home in Ryde, north-west of Sydney but after finding no-one there tracked down extended family members.

“They were a very close family and had been on a quiet getaway,” a family friend said.

“Jessica is a most beautiful person.”

Jessica is a beautiful person. This is grave news indeed. (Source: Matrix)

Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy, frustrated with the number of fatalities they've dealt with this year says:

"The message to anyone looking at these photographs is, ‘Will this finally get the message through to you?'"

“Will the deaths of these people mean that you will take responsibility and think about others on the road and not just yourselves?”

Around 387 lives were lost on the roads so far this year. This year has seen more fatal accidents than the past decade with over 408 odd deaths in 2009. Eleven of the accidents that took place during the holiday period involved vehicles drifting off and crashing into each other on the roads, and hitting trees!

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