'Home and Away' actress Jessica Falkholt remains in coma as sister dies three days after fatal crash

Annabelle, 21, who was also involved in the tragic car crash that took her parent's lives, passed away on Friday morning, three days after the horrific incident!

                            'Home and Away' actress Jessica Falkholt remains in coma as sister dies three days after fatal crash

Jessica Falkholt, former star of popular Australian soap opera 'Home and Away' remains in a critical condition after being involved in the devastating car crash that took the lives of her parents Lars Falkholt, 69, and Vivian Falkholt, 60. 

Her younger sister - Annabelle who was pulled out from the wreckage along with the actress, minutes before the vehicle went up in flames has passed away three days after the tragic accident that took place on Boxing Day.

Annabelle Falkholt, 21, passed away three days after the horrific incident. (Source: Facebook)

Annabelle Falkholt had been traveling in the back of her family’s car with her sister when they met with a head-on collision in New South Wales, Australia. 

The crash that happened on Boxing Day killed Jessica's parents. (Source: TNV)

A cousin of the girls told Daily Mail Australia that their family had gathered to say goodbye around Annabelle's bed on Friday morning. 

"Annabelle passed away this morning, we knew what was happening so the family was with her," the relative said.

"Her and Jessica had such a strong sister bond. They are seriously close sisters. I feel Jessica would have known her sister has passed."

Left to right: The Falkholt Family - Lars, 69, Vivian, 60, Annabelle, 21, and Jessica, 28 (Source: Facebook)

Jordan Brohier, Annabelle's boyfriend, is heartbroken and paid a heartfelt tribute to his baby girl on Facebook.

He said: "Today I lost the love of my life, Annabelle. I’ve never met such a kind, gentle soul, and this world is at such a loss without this beautiful angel," he wrote.

"The 3 years I knew her were the best years of my life. I’m so thankful for every second I got to spend with my baby."

In a heartbreaking post, Annabelle's boyfriend Jordan paid a tribute to her on Facebook. (Source: Facebook)

'Today I lost the love of my life.' - Jordan (Source: Facebook)

He added: "I promise that somewhere, we will be together again, I will find you and we will live a happy long life together. I love you now and always baby, My heart will always belong to you."

Annabelle with her boyfriend Jordan. (Source: Facebook)

Relatives of Annabelle said she was a kind girl who loved children. Another close friend said her boyfriend, Jordan had been devasted ever since the accident and had stayed by Annabelle's bedside throughout.

"Annabelle worked at a center in Lilyfield and some of her work colleagues came in here to see her yesterday," a relative said.

"She worked with young babies and she was very nurturing. She was very caring and she just loved children... she is such a kind girl."

Annabelle was a kind girl who loved children. (Source: Facebook)

While Annabelle has succumbed to her injuries, Home and Away star, Jessica is fighting for her life. The actress underwent surgeries on the internal injuries she had suffered at St George Hospital on Thursday and now remains in a coma in ICU.

Jessica is currently fighting for her life and remains in a coma. (Source: Ecaster)

A traumatized relative of the family said she had received a text message from Vivian on Christmas Day saying 'the Falkholts are in good spirits.' This was a day before the accident and the family still cannot digest the shock of having lost such precious people in their lives. 

"Jessica just came out of a major operation and that went well," the relative said. 

"The quick update is the op went better than expected. They were doing work on her arm and internal injuries, they were the main parts."

Jessica and Annabelle shared a strong sister bond. (Source: Matrix)

Craig Anthony Whitall, driver of the other car who also died in the head-on collision, was a reported drug addict. He had been charged with over 60 offenses and was well known to the cops, The Telegraph reported.

Annabelle and Jessica were pulled out of the wreckage minutes before the explosion. (Source: TNV)

Witnesses told the police they saw Whitall cross the center line of the road twice, before crashing head-on with the Falkholts. The coronial investigation will try and determine whether Whitall had been under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident.

Craig Anthony Whitall who was driving the other car also died in the tragic car crash. (Source: 7Plus)

Whitall’s son Shane posted an emotional tribute to his father on Facebook.

He said: “I love you with all my heart dad and will forever miss you.

“You were my hero I don't give a f**k what anyone says you showed me a lot in my life more than you'll ever know.

“It's such a tragedy to lose you I love you Dad RIP.”

Craig's family said they were heartbroken and also expressed sympathy for the Falkholt family.

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