Medical accessory for Apple Watch could be the answer to being one step ahead of heart problems

The number one cause of deaths are heart related and this new health technology might help bring the numbers down.

                            Medical accessory for Apple Watch could be the answer to being one step ahead of heart problems

About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year–that’s 1 in every 4 deaths and a technology has finally been introduced and approved to hopefully prevent them. 

The U.S.F.D.A (United States Food and Drug Administration) has given KardiaBand its approval to introduce the EKG or the ECG (electrocardiogram) accessory designed for use with the Apple Watch.  The device would be the first such FDA-cleared personal electrocardiogram (EKG) accessory designed for use with an Apple Watch as reported by TechNewsWorld.

EKG reading (AliveCor)

Here's what it would look like (AliveCor)
It could be a style statement as well (AliveCor)

The KardiaBand could be a boon for mankind as it might help prevent heart failures by predicting them in advance having the ability to read and differentiate between normal sinus heart rhythms and atrial fibrillation (A-fib) - the most common type of serious heart arrhythmia which often leads to strokes or other heart-related problems. The bands are able to record EKG in merely 30 seconds and display them on the face of the Apple watch when the user touches an integrated sensor. 

The release of SmartRhythm - a new feature in the Kardia app - is beneficial in aiding the formerly discussed EKG reader as it relies on artificial intelligence to monitor the user's heart rate and determine the correlation between heart activity and physical activity. "It can detect when a user's heart rate and activity are out of sync and promptly send an alert," reports TechNewsWorld.

What and how the recordings take place. (AliveCor)

"KardiaBand paired with SmartRhythm technology will be life-changing for people who are serious about heart health," said Vic Gundotra, CEO of AliveCor. 

"These capabilities will allow people to easily and discreetly check their heart rhythms when they may be abnormal, capturing essential information to help doctors identify the issue and inform a clear path of care to help manage A-fib, a leading cause of stroke, and other serious conditions," he added.

Features of the watch (AliveCor)

The mechanism behind the ingenious app (AliveCor)

KardiaBand, which is now available merely for US$199, works in collaboration with AliveCor's Premium $99 a year subscription service. Together they would provide their customers and subscribers - SmartRhythm notifications on Apple Watch, unlimited EKG recordings, and automatic detection of A-fib or normal sinus rhythms. In addition to this you also need the Apple Watch handy. 

Users also have the ability to email their EKG readings to anyone - be it family, friend or a doctor - since they are provided with an unlimited cloud access to all EKG readings. The user can also avail of the offer of being mailed a monthly paper report with all their readings in the past month from the device.


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