Grandma gets her feet stuck in grandson's sex toys after she mistakes them for thermal socks

The make-shift socks were not easy to get off at all and the young man recorded the process, giggling through the awkward incident.

                            Grandma gets her feet stuck in grandson's sex toys after she mistakes them for thermal socks
Image Source: Twitter/analKABAO

There are always some things that your family is better off not knowing about you. Especially your grandparents, to whom you will always be a little baby whom they would imagine playing with your little baby toys. While you may grow up and switch out baby toys with some adult toys, there is not enough time in the world for your grandparents to catch up with this development in your life. So it is not surprising at all that a Japanese man's sweet grandma wandered into his room looking for a pair of socks and after stumbling upon his sex toys proceeded to innocently pull them over her feet assuming they were socks.


Twitter user @analKABAO shared the hilarious incident on Twitter and even shared several photos and videos of his grandmother. He said in the now-viral tweets that his grandma thought his fleshlights were actually thermal socks and told him she had borrowed a pair of socks from his room. In the pictures that were shared, we can see the old woman's feet snugly fit into the pink rubber instruments as she lay in bed. In the video he shared, we can see him walking into the bedroom, where his grandma is perched on a bed wearing a pair of pajamas and the pink "socks," reported the Daily Mail. The original tweet has over 204k likes and has been retweeted more than 67k times.


At the time, the man was obviously shocked to see his grandma wearing his sex toys on her feet. He had no option but to explain to her that what she was wearing was not socks at all and so she decided to take them off. One can only imagine how awkward that conversation must have been. But things only got worse after this painful revelation. The make-shift socks were not easy to get off at all. In fact, it looked like it was stuck to the poor woman's feet for good.  In a follow-up tweet, he shared a video of him forcefully pulling both of the fleshlights off his grandma's feet. The video has over four million views. He can be heard giggling throughout the video, as anyone would in a bizarre situation like the one he was in. 





In the tweet he wrote, "When I was 21 years old, I did not think it would be possible to pull 'onahole' from my grandmother’s foot." Onahole is what the sex toy is known as in Japan. After somehow managing to pull it off his grandma's feet, the young man decided to give it a go as well. He pulled on the fleshlight onto his feet and took a video of him walking around in it. But he can be seen ultimately slipping and falling on the hardwood flooring. "I decided to wear onahole socks. But it's too dangerous...," he added hilariously. After the eventful events involving the fleshlights, the Japan-native wanted nothing more than to give away the two fleshlights. 


Details about its usage were not revealed but he joked to his followers it was theirs for the taking since it was "still warm." It's only normal that he wants to get rid of those sex toys. It may even take some time before he will look at another onahole the same way again.