Grandfather stabbed to death at granddaughter's first birthday after he asked man to stop doing drugs in front of kids

A grandfather was stabbed in a Michigan park during his grandchild's first birthday party, according to reports

                            Grandfather stabbed to death at granddaughter's first birthday after he asked man to stop doing drugs in front of kids

Birthdays always make memorable moments, but on Saturday, things went awry during a one-year-old girl's birthday party when an "enraged" man fatally stabbed her grandfather right in front of her at a Utica park, witnesses said.

The grandfather was, reportedly, just looking out for the kids at Grant Park when he asked a man on a park bench to stop taking drugs in front of them. In a shocking move, the suspect reacted in a fit of rage and assaulted the old man. Eyewitness Amanda Pasho, who lives across from the park, told the Macomb Daily the victim was knocked to the ground and stabbed over a dozen times.

"(The victim) fell to the ground, he had blood all over him," Pasho told the news outlet. "He had his arms up to fend off the man from stabbing him. The man put his knee in the guy's abdomen to hold him down and then put his arm across his face and began stabbing him with a knife, like non-stop, just jabbing at him with the knife."

Other witnesses claimed that the knife looked like a machete, at least eight to 10 inches in length. It took the life of the old gentleman, who appeared to be in his 50s and died at the scene.

At about 2.50 pm, law enforcement authorities received calls from neighbors who heard the grandfather and other family members screaming before witnessing the violence. When officers from Utica and Shelby Township arrive, they found the suspect still at the scene. He was immediately apprehended at gunpoint by a Shelby Township police officer. About 10 officers and two ambulances were dispatched to the scene and the suspect, who is in custody, is yet to be identified.

In a conversation with WXYZ-TV (Channel 7), Christopher Kalfas revealed that the victim was his best friend. He said that the assault took place right in front of the victim's family  "and that was a rotten thing to do." He added that the victim did not know his attacker.

The victim was identified as Mike Shereda from Warren and Kalfas described him as a “good man” who was “very kindhearted.” 

Shereda is a father of six and has 17-grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. His daughter says he was a family man and an avid outdoorsman.

According to residents, it appeared the attacker was carrying a box of 'whippets' - containers carrying nitrous oxide or laughing gas - as he sat on a park bench. On many occasions, the gas has been known to cause hallucinations.


Witnesses recounted the incident, saying the grandfather had walked over to the suspect and asked him to take the drugs somewhere else as the children were celebrating a birthday. The suspect struck the old man in response and the two began to scuffle.

In a matter of seconds, it became evident that the attacker was overpowering him. "He was enraged, he seemed like he had the strength of the Tasmanian Devil," Pasho said. "My heart goes out to the family of the poor man. I can't believe this happened in front of them."

While Grant Park is usually congested on a summer afternoon, it wasn't very crowded on Saturday, when the stabbing took place, according to residents.

"This is usually a quiet neighborhood," Pasho said. "We don't get murders like this. This was an isolated incident." However, Saturday's homicide was the fifth in Macomb County in the past week.