'I love you darling': Grandma breaks down after hearing late husband's voice coming from teddy bear

'I love you darling': Grandma breaks down after hearing late husband's voice coming from teddy bear

In a heartwarming video, a woman is seen receiving a toy from her granddaughter but wasn't expecting the pleasant surprise awaiting her. In the clip shared on social media by 17-year-old Chloe Boyle from Livingston in Scotland, her grandmother, Elaine Galloway, can be seen opening up a package to pull out a teddy bear.

Galloway presses the teddy's hand when Boyle asks her to, and is immediately taken aback when the voice of the toy appeared to be that of her late husband, Archie, who died almost three years ago.

Her late husband's voice is heard saying: "Hello my darling, I love you darling.

On hearing the recording she immediately breaks into tears, although she keeps playing the recording. Chloe, who recorded her grandfather's voice into the Build-A-Bear teddy for the anniversary of her grandparents, captioned the post: "Got my gran a build-a-bear with my papa's voice in it for there anniversary, grandparents mean the absolute world. A big happy anniversary to you and papa, I love you both more than you will ever know❤️❤️".


The video has certainly triggered the tear buds of internet users, and viewers are sending out emotional messages and videos after seeing the post which has been viewed over 121,000 times since it was uploaded to Twitter on Tuesday night.

Family members and followers alike commented. While some members stated, "So beautiful Elaine what a lovely surprise you can hear Archie voice anytime you wish so precious ❤️," or "Awe Elaine smthing to treasure lvly thought xxx", others commented, "Still canny watch this without tears lovely really nice." In fact, the shop assistant from Build-a-Bear who had helped Chloe with the present even replied to the tweet, saying: "Oh my gosh! I’m the one who had the pleasure of making this bear for her! I’m so glad she loves it. Very emotional."

Some followers also shared similar moments that they had shared with their grandparents, "My nanny passed away almost 2 months ago and I made a frame for my uncles birthdays with a soundwave and audio of her singing happy birthday ... love this x." 

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 Gran s video goes viral when she breaks down at familiar voice of a teddy bear