Many harrowing stories of sexual harassment suffered by men and women of Hollywood finally found their way into the light in the last few months. All of them left us shocked and devastated about the state of things in showbiz, but none of them compared to what Goldie Hawn suffered in the early stage of her career, she claims. 

During an interview with CNBC, the 72-year-old actress revealed that sexual harassment in the entertainment industry has "been there forever."  As a young dancer in Hollywood in the 60s, one can imagine the number of sexual predators who would swarm around her.  

She said, "[I] had some horrible experiences as a young dancer in New York City. I mean I'll top all of them." She credits her sturdy upbringing as one of the reasons behind being able to power through despite everything she had to endure at the time.  

"I had a very strong mom, a very strong dad and I had a lot of resilience and I really knew who I was," she said, adding, "and you know the answer was always no I'll never get a job like that. A lot of girls don't."  

Goldie Hawn attends the premiere of 20th Century Fox's 'Snatched' at Regency Village Theatre on May 10, 2017 (Getty Images)

Goldie calls these sexual predators who have been preying on the helpless, sick narcissists, elaborating, “It’s an ability to think they’re invincible and they pretty much can do whatever they want to do.” It is not a proclivity or just a feeling of need to do this," she opined.  

Kate Hudson, who is the daughter of the founder of The Hawn Foundation has also been very vocal in attempting to shed a light on the harassment that women perpetually face in Hollywood. She is of the opinion that as a woman in showbiz, you are a minority in a man's world – at least women were, until very recently.  

Goldie Hawn (L) and Kate Hudson attend the 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 21, 2018 (Getty Images)

"As a woman in Hollywood, you are a woman in a man's world," she told Glamour, adding, "The people in powerful positions are predominantly men. It's changing rapidly, which is amazing, but it's definitely [mostly] men." 

Thankfully, because of heroes like Goldie and Kate, though, the women who face sexual harassment in Hollywood and otherwise, finally feel encouraged to reveal their stories. It wasn't too far back that they would be considered "sensitive" for even speaking up about harassment.  

Kate Hudson attends the 24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on January 21, 2018 (Getty Images)

As Kate puts it, "All women are tired of eyes being rolled as if we're being sensitive. We're not being sensitive. You just might not understand that this is what it is. It feels horrible. It's degrading. It's dismissive. So much needs to change." 

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