'Get Out' actor Daniel Kaluuya claps back at reporter over racism question

Daniel Kaluuya was asked a racial question at The Oscars and the actor shut it down with his perfect response.

                            'Get Out' actor Daniel Kaluuya claps back at reporter over racism question

On Sunday (March 4), 'Get out' actor Daniel Kaluuya was asked a couple of questions by Sky News Arts and Entertainment correspondent Lucy Cotter at the Oscars red carpet event. During this, she made a remark that the film “ticked a lot of boxes and raised a lot of important things”. 

It was quite obvious that the 29-year-old actor was not taking the statement too well. He was not too pleased to see how the reporter had made a remark which meant that the film was getting the "token" treatment during the Academy Awards. Rather than sitting by and watching the interview take its course, Daniel decided to put his thoughts out there for the reporter and the world to know.

“We’re are not boxes though!” he explained. “Articulating a Black experience isn’t a box. It’s like, what we are articulating is our truth. We are human beings.” He further noted that "it’s amazing that Blumhouse, QC Entertai, meant and Universal have empowered Jordan [Peele] to tell his side of the story, to have a black protagonist…it doesn’t mean you have to compromise cinematic technique."

However, this is not where this awkward interview ends. While introducing the actor, Lucy seemed to forget where Daniel was from. She said that Gary Oldman was the only hometown hero nominated for an award, forgetting that Daniel too was born in London to Ugandan parents and is a fellow British.

"Can't wait to see the Get Out lot!" she said. "It's a film everyone's talking about and Daniel Kaluuya. Obviously, we're hoping Gary Oldman will get the Best Actor award." However, even though Lucy may not have done her research well, people across the world were happy to see the response Daniel had given to the reporter. 

"Daniel Kaluuya’s response to the truly terrible question posed by Sky Cinema red carpet reporter was priceless. “Nah, it doesn’t tick boxes," one Twitter user wrote. While another wrote, "I've watched this clip five times and I'm still left speechless by the offensiveness and downright racism of the interviewer suggesting #GetOut "ticks a lot of boxes". Massive kudos to Daniel Kaluuya for the way he handled it, but it's still a gobsmackingly awful interview."

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