George Floyd protests: 'Peace March in Vidor' trends, but people warned that 'sundown town' is a KKK trap

However, one of the Vidor residents said, 'I live in Vidor and it’s not like it used to be. We are not racist'

                            George Floyd protests: 'Peace March in Vidor' trends, but people warned that 'sundown town' is a KKK trap
(Getty Images-Larry D Moore/Wikimedia Commons)

In the wake of George Floyd's tragic death, several celebrities and big brands are raising their voice against systemic racism. And there were reports that a peaceful protest was being organized in Vidor, a sundown town known for its racist past, in western Orange County, Texas. 

A pamphlet started doing the rounds on Twitter detailing the events of a "Peace March in Vidor", which read, "This March is to honor the black lives lost, end racism and help influence love over hate in our community." The time and date were mentioned as: "Saturday, June 6, 8 pm, Meet at Community Center/Gould Park." As soon as it caught the eyes of people, they started wondering who had organized it and recounted the horrors of the town.

One Twitter user shared it and wrote: "Do. Not. Step. Your. Black. A**es. Into. Vidor." Another grabbed many eyeballs with the tweet: "There is a March being organized in VIDOR, TEXAS." Many others joined the tirade. "Vidor? The same Vidor that ousted a Black Family from a housing area in the 90s. Same Vidor that held KKK rallies.....Na, I'll pass," one tweet read and another said, "I live near Seattle, but when I go back home, I avoid Vidor like the plague." Another said, "I experienced my first case of racism I’m Vidor, Tx. Droppin buckets on yt bitches heads. Their parents was PISSSSSST."

One said, "DO NOT GO TO THE MARCH IN VIDOR, TEXAS IF YOU ARE BLACK IT’S A KKK TOWN." And another Twitter user posted, "Not just Vidor. I grew up in Houston and my brother lived in New Orleans. We'd visit him every other month, and we made a point to never stop anywhere in Orange county. My dad refused for even a cent of tax revenue to go to those racist f**kweasels. I'm 50, so this isn't new."

To confirm it was a legitimate march, one Twitter user said, "Hey guys I'm the one organizing this. My black friends are on board. I'm with y'all. We are family. I wanna show change and I wanna see peace. BLM to me and a lot of us out here. Our town is known for its past but in 2020 it's changing. I love y'all FR FR I'm with y'all." However, people still couldn't believe it. "Can we get a video confirmation from your said "black friends" that they agreed to this?" one wrote to her and another said, "Lord this white girl with 0 followers working hard trying to recruit for this ‘peaceful protest’ in Vidor, TX ... jnhbghhvhbjjn."

Some came in defense of the town. "I live in Vidor and it’s not like it used to be. We are not racist. There are Actually black residents in vidor! I mean I’m sure there are a few assholes here somewhere. But you’re always gonna meet assholes," one posted and another said, "The girl from Vidor really in my mentions tryna convince me it’s safe for me to be out there."

People, however, are still advising against it. "Finally had a nap after forever, and wake up to "Vidor" trending...and have mercy! Apparently, a girl there has organized a protest, but people in the know, aren't buying it. Don't know if she's genuine, or if the town has changed or not. People are advising against it."

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