Mitt Romney lauded for joining George Floyd protests, many recall his dad attending 1960s civil rights march

Some who were skeptical said Mitt Romney should first help remove President Trump from office and 'propose a Bill that will defund the police'

                            Mitt Romney lauded for joining George Floyd protests, many recall his dad attending 1960s civil rights march
Mitt Romney (Getty Images)

In what can be considered a historical move, Utah Senator and former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney took to the streets during the protests held in Washington over the death of George Floyd who died at the hands of police officers nearly two weeks ago in Minneapolis.

Tweeting, "Black Lives Matter," Romney shared pictures of himself walking alongside protesters toward the White House on Sunday, seemingly becoming the first member of the Republican party to do so. Romney has often been at odds with US President Donald Trump who pushed for a military response to the current unrest. Romney was also the sole Republican senator who voted to remove Trump from the office during the impeachment trial earlier this year.

Many took to social media to voice their disbelief and appreciation over Romney taking to the streets, much like his late father, former Michigan Governor George Romney, who took part in a civil rights march in suburban Detroit in the late 1960s.

Derrick Johnson, the President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), tweeted, "Thank you @mittromney for marching & recognizing there is racism in this country and the need to speak out against it. More courage like this is needed & we look forward to working with you on the changes required to eliminate #racism."

Actor Ben Stiller shared, "I give @MittRomney a lot of credit and respect for standing up when practically no one else in his party has. Hopefully others will stand up with him. #BlackLivesMatter."

A user wrote, "George Romney is looking down and must be overcome with pride at his son. Thank you @MittRomney You have moved America a big leap forward," while another wrote, "It's easy to be cynical and smart to be skeptical but ill give credit where its due and appreciate Mitt Romney for taking a stand."

Another shared, "In 2012, @MittRomney put his good character on hold. He sought Trump’s endorsement when Trump was pushing the racist birther conspiracy theory. He ran from his best accomplishment as Mass gov. because the policy had been subsequently borrowed by Obama. Glad his spine is back."

One tweeted, "Mitt Romney is now marching with Black Lives Matter protesters. Hell has officially frozen over," while another wrote, "I love how Mitt Romney reappears once every three months to outshine the entire Republican Party by doing the absolute least."

Others remained skeptical. One user tweeted, "I don't need Mitt Romney to march. I need him to divest from the prison industrial complex and donate to causes. Propose a Bill that will defund the police," while another wrote, "MITT ROMNEY IS A SUPPORTER OF FOR PROFIT PRISONS YOU F**KING DIPSHITS He also supported the death penalty AFTER IT HAD BEN ABOLISHED IN HIS STATE He also is pro THREE STRIKES LAWS and MANDATORY SENTENCING He does not give a living f**k about Black people."

A user shared, "Why is @MittRomney marching and he have the ability to create and pass laws? Talking about #BlackLivesMatter getting played." Another wrote, "Ok. Great. But before you get all gleeful like a little school girl remember @MittRomney has been in the @SenateGOP for 3 years and has enabled @realDonaldTrump I'll applaud him after he removes @realDonaldTrump from office."

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