'Fortnite' gamer who was heard beating up 21-year-old pregnant mother during live stream charged with assault

Police found a 21-year-old pregnant woman and two young girls at the residence and charged the gamer with common assault before releasing him on conditional bail

                            'Fortnite' gamer who was heard beating up 21-year-old pregnant mother during live stream charged with assault

An angry gamer who allegedly live-streamed himself bashing a young mother has been arrested and charged.

Authorities responded to a 911 call reporting an alleged assault at a home in Franklin Grove, Oran Park, in south-west Sydney, at about 11.30 pm on Sunday and arrested the 26-year-old man. First responders found Grace, a 21-year-old pregnant woman, upon arrival at the residence in a distressed state with no serious injuries. Apart from her, there were two young girls aged three and 20 months at the home, Daily Mail reports.

The alleged attacker, whose name cannot be revealed for legal reasons, was taken to the police station and charged with common assault. He has now been granted conditional bail and is scheduled to appear in Camden Local Court on Thursday. An apprehended violence order has also been served to the defendant.


In a series of horrifying videos of the alleged assault that were uploaded to Twitter on Sunday night from the handle MrDeadMoth, the gamer can be seen yelling at Grace repeatedly to "go away." Grace is heard complaining that he's been playing Fortnite "on his computer for hours". In response, he tells her: "Go away Grace I'll be out soon, why can't you take that as an answer?"

The argument intensifies until the alleged attacker gets up and physically assaults Grace. "Do they know you touched me and I'm pregnant," Grace can be heard referring to the live audience. "I hope all of you people know that I'm pregnant and he just bashed me."

Ignoring her complaints, he tells her he'll be out soon but Grace continues to tell him to stop gaming. At one point, he snaps and tells Grace to "f*** off you dog, you don't pay the bills," and gets up once again to bash her.

She can be heard in the background screaming and yelling, with the 26-year-old finally telling her to "Get the f*** outta here. Get out of my f***ing life."

In another live video, the alleged attacker physically assaults Grace for calling him a "f***ing woman basher." Grace then demands an apology for hitting her in the face, but the gamer becomes violent once again and bashes her, telling her to leave him alone.

The two are said to be partners but are not married. The Twitter account has since been suspended.