Remember the adorable youngest brother of the more popular Jonases Nick, Joe and Kevin? Frankie Jonas is the only brother to have been excluded from the family band, but he was a huge part - the most interesting part for many - of their shows including the Disney Channel original Jonas, the reality show Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream and the docu-soap Married to Jonas

Even if he was not the singing sensation that his brothers were, he was considered coolest Jonas bro by many. Even now, as Joe tours the world with DNCE and Nick continues conquers all avenues of showbiz, Frankie continues to be inconspicuous - except for when he was cited for marijuana possession by cops in Nashville back in November of 2016 - much like his domesticated oldest brother Kevin.

Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas pose with Frankie Jonas at the premiere of 'Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam' at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on August 18, 2010 in New York City. (Jemal Countess/Getty Images) 

While the media's eye has been diverted Frankie, has grown up to be a handsome young man as cool as his older brothers. If anything, his elusive nature and the bizarre state of his social media pages have only added to the enigma that is Frankie Jonas.

The 17-year-old Bonus Jonas, who barely bares resemblance to his younger version now, has kept an interesting format to his Instagram profile, where alternate photo slots remain black, leading followers to keep refreshing the page thinking the blank pics are just a glitch. He has also proved to be quite an intellectual person if one were to go by his captions, which varies from “beauty is a concept outside of mortal words" and “there’s a physical past and there’s a physical future but now is only now.”

Youngest Jonas brother Frankie is all grown up now (Twitter)

He is also now an artist and has even created a "fresh line" under ARTIST UPRISING, an organization, according to their bio is "dedicated to abolishing the term "starving artist" by curating local to emerging to celebrity talent for brands/businesses."

Frankie Jonas sports a t-shirt he designed with ARTIST UPRISING (Instagram)

It definitely looks like Frankie has found his footing as an adult without having to live in the shadows of his brothers. However, he is still tightly knit with the family and even shared a few photos from Joe and Sophie Turner's engagement party.

"family" (Instagram)
"love you both with all my heart, so glad we got to celebrate the beautiful journey y’all are embarking on" (Instagram)

His brothers also seem to be extremely proud of the man that Frankie has become:

"Happy Birthday to my little bro @franklinjonas 17!!!??? You need to stop growing up. You make me so proud. I love ya son! 😎🔥🎉" (Instagram/Joe Jonas

Meanwhile, Nick may be producing some new music with his youngest brother:

Frankie and Nick Jonas (Instagram stories/Nick Jonas)

Despite the hit of the growth sprout, Kevin seems to still think of Frankie as his baby bro:

"Happy birthday @franklinjonas love you brother!!!!" (Instagram/Kevin Jonas)

That may the case for Kevin, but remember that for us fans, he is now a hunk who looks this good:

Frankie Jonas (Instagram)



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