Man viciously attacks his four-weeks pregnant ex-girlfriend, leaving her with cut face and burst eardrum

25-year-old Ashleigh Booth revealed she was physically assaulted by ex-boyfriend Gareth Warne at her home this past November when she was four weeks pregnant

                            Man viciously attacks his four-weeks pregnant ex-girlfriend, leaving her with cut face and burst eardrum

A pregnant woman took to social media to share distressing footage of her ex-boyfriend knocking her out with a single punch and which left her with a cut face, a burst eardrum, and bruising over the rest of her body.

Twenty five-year-old Ashleigh Booth of Halifax, West Yorkshire, shared the video on her Facebook account in the hope that the increased awareness will help the authorities track down ex-boyfriend Gareth Warne, who she says attacked her at her house on 22nd November. 

Booth revealed she was four weeks pregnant when Warne broke into her home and physically assaulted her, with the video beginning with the ex-boyfriend moving aggressively towards her and arguing with her, boxing her into one corner of what appears to be a conservatory area.

The 25-year-old seems to be crying as Warne keeps shouting at her, and at one point, it seems the argument has fizzled out as she follows him outside the frame and out of the door. But a few seconds later, they come back in and the confrontation seems to escalate further.

Warne can be seen shoving Booth repeatedly and grabbing her hand, and then seemingly without any warning, he swings a hard right hand at her, violently knocking her to the ground. He then casually walks away as another person can briefly be seen entering the room as the 25-year-old struggled to get up.

In the long and detailed post, the 25-year-old wrote about how Warne was drunk and under the influence of drugs when he came to her home and initially, he forcefully woke up their four-month-old child before trying to take the child away in the car.

She said when she tried to follow her ex and stop him, Warne pulled her hair back and bit her face before then setting his dog free and letting it attack her. She said she ran to a neighbor's home for protection and that by the time she called the police, Warne had already made his escape.

Booth also revealed that her ex had a history of violence and getting into trouble with the law, writing how Warne had sexually assaulted her last year and previously served 4.5 years in prison for domestic violence against another one of his exes. She said he was now wanted by the police for a plethora of reasons, including breaking police and court bail, harassment, assault, and sexual assault.

Sharing the footage of the November assault, Booth wrote, "In November he broke into my dad's property and burst my eardrum by smacking me, leaving me unconscious whilst I was 4 weeks pregnant. Please share if you have any idea of his whereabouts then please inform me or the police! I can't wait for you to get sent down for what you have done."

In an update she posted on Tuesday, December 18, she wrote, "All I wanted to do was share my story and show that domestic violence does go on and is the most horrific thing anyone can deal with, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I didn't deserve any of what happened to me. I have been on the phone to the police this morning and given them more and more addresses to search and they are going to do everything that they can to get him today."

(NSFW) Watch the video of the assault here: