For all those who drink and drive, we hope this couple's heart-breaking message makes you rethink your decision

MMA fighter talks about fighting his worst battle of losing his son to a drunk driver accident.

                            For all those who drink and drive, we hope this couple's heart-breaking message makes you rethink your decision

Marcus Kowal, CEO of Systems Training Center Encino, is also not only an MMA fighter in the ring, but also a fighter in the game of life. Despite losing his 15-month-old son to a drunken driver, he used his son's accident to save and protect lives of hundreds and even moved on with his life to create a new family.


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After only a little over a year after Marcus Kowal and his partner lost their toddler to somebody's selfish desire to choose to drink and drive, they rose back up and welcomed a new baby in their lives while devoting their time to spread awareness against drinking and driving. 

In September 2016, Liam Kowal - the couple's first baby and his 15-year-old aunt – were within the boundaries of a crosswalk in Hawthorne, California when 72-year-old Donna Marie Higgins drunkenly drove into them and drove away without offering to help. While the teen aunt survived the accident, Liam didn't, after being declared brain dead. Marcus and his girlfriend - Mishel Eder donated his organs to save other lives.  

In a press conference days after the tragedy, the mother said, "He was the happiest baby and to have him ripped away from us is so cruel..Speaking here today is the hardest thing for me to do but I need to do it for my baby, so other babies are safe..Please don't drink and drive, ever."

One year later, they brought their three-month-old Nico on to an appearance on The Doctors, which is set to air on Friday. Marcus, originally from Sweden, explained that Nico's name means, "the people's victory" in contrast to Liam's name, which meant "the people's protector." 

To further explain the significance behind Nico's name, he said, "We felt like we had a small country behind us (during this tragedy) and we felt like it wasn't just our victory, but the people's victory, and that's why we decided on the name Nico" and in regards to their first and lost child they said, "When we named him, this was not the way we had hoped he would be a protector, but he has already saved lives directly by donating his organs, and also just from the people that have reached out to us around the world pledging never to drink and drive again…we know that his 15 months on the planet have helped save tons of lives."

The couple also spoke of the non-profit foundation - Liam's Life - that they started up to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. They've also since written two e-books with the same purpose of honoring him.

In regards to the driver that killed their son, the couple hasn't heard from Higgins whi is currently serving six years behind bars for her devastating crime. 

In conclusion Marcus restates his belief that the US's legal 0.8 alcohol limit is "absolutely ridiculous" and is pleading for zero-tolerance when it comes to drinking and driving.

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