Shocking footage shows teenage boy trying to throw his girlfriend in front of a train

Lucas Gary Narkle has pleaded guilty to endangering the then 14-year-old girl's life, but the judge said he was unlikely to be imprisoned further

                            Shocking footage shows teenage boy trying to throw his girlfriend in front of a train
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A deeply disturbing footage has surfaced wherein a teenage boy is seen trying to throw his girlfriend in front of a moving train. The shocking incident was captured by CCTV cameras at the Elizabeth South train station in Adelaide's north in October last year.

In the footage, 19-year-old Lucas Gary Narkle is seen trying to drag his girlfriend -- who was a mere 14-year-old at the time -- towards an oncoming train, while she desperately struggled to avoid being hurled onto the tracks. According to reports by the Daily Mail, Narkle faced the South Australian District Court on Wednesday, after earlier pleading guilty to endangering the girl's life.

Narkle's girlfriend was "holding on for dear life" while she was being dragged by him, the court heard. "She wasn't to know that he was going to stop," a prosecutor said of the incident. "There's no telling what harm that fear may cause in the future."

Narkle, who was initially charged with attempted murder, revealed that he was armed with a baseball bat, although both parties agreed it was not used. The 19-year-old was taken into custody following the incident, where he spent more than three months in prison till he was granted bail by the Supreme Court in February.

Judge Simon Stretton said on Wednesday that he was unlikely to impose further jail time on Narkle. "I have to bear in mind that his actual actions here are brief, irresponsible and didn't cause any physical harm at all," he said.

"'I think nothing is going to be served by imposing a further term of actual imprisonment but I am strongly inclined towards an extended community service work."

Meanwhile, Narkle will return to court for sentencing on Thursday.