Funny girls: Here are the female YouTube artists you just have to follow to laugh out loud

If you thought comedy was only a man's game, think again. These female YouTubers are so funny, they will turn your bad day around.

                            Funny girls: Here are the female YouTube artists you just have to follow to laugh out loud

YouTube's got a lot of great comedy content. It's got videos that will make you laugh, and some that you honestly stumble upon only at three in the morning after a night of binge-watching videos trying to go to sleep. There are some hilarious women on the net and we've managed to scrounge up a starter list of female YouTubers you have to follow.

If you're up for some great content, check them out below:

1. Jenna Marbles

You haven't seen weird till you've watched one of Jenna Marbles' videos. The YouTuber has over 17.8 million subscribers and her videos have gained over 2.5 billion views. She puts out weekly videos, has a vlog as well as a podcast that she hosts with her boyfriend  Julien Solomita. Jenna's head is a weird space and she's definitely a blast to watch. Also, she includes her dogs in the videos and that's always a plus.

2. Grav3yardGirl

Bunny's got a big heart that's always welcoming new fans into the swamp family. She has this series called 'Does This Thing Really Work?' and gets real about what kind of product you're buying. With over 8 million YouTube subscribers and 1 billion video views, Bunny is one of the highest paid YouTube personalities.

3. Trisha Paytas

Blonde, curvy and a little lost in life, Trisha Paytas has her fans nodding in agreement thanks to her frank and funny videos. She's currently pursuing a music career, but her video updates are still pretty epic. Also, you should just watch her eat, because, Mukbang. *shrugs*

4. So I'm Jenn

Jenn Chai from So I'm Jenn is peals of laughter. Her vlogs are known for their unbelievably relatable content and hilarious sketches. She's got a knack for creating catchy tunes and uploads some of her original work on her YouTube channel. Even though she's just got 44 thousand followers, her comic sketches are hilarious.

Stay tuned to find out which female YouTuber you have to follow next!

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