Christian dad sends letter to daughter's ex, blasts him for 'stealing her virginity' 10 years after they split

The man said that he had asked heavenly powers to take the man's youth from him as a punishment

                            Christian dad sends letter to daughter's ex, blasts him for 'stealing her virginity' 10 years after they split
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An unidentified Christian man wrote a bizarre letter to his daughter's high school boyfriend, reprimanding him for “stealing her virginity” and calling for divine retribution. The father also delivered the letter to the ex-boyfriend’s home, ten years after his daughter and the man broke up. The letter was reportedly found by the man’s wife.

In the letter, which was shared on Twitter by Dallas-based man Isaac N. on May 28, the father has said that he has been contemplating over his daughter's loss of virginity for a decade and still holds a grudge against her ex-boyfriend whom she chose to have sex with, denying the father the “pleasure” of “giving my pure, virgin daughter” to a husband. Isaac is the friend of the man whom the letter was addressed to.

“One of my best and oldest friends broke up with his high school girlfriend over a decade ago. Today, his wife of 7 years found this absolute ornament in their mailbox. Just...stop what you're doing and read,” Issac wrote on Twitter while sharing the picture of the letter. But Isaac didn't divulge the names of those involved.

In the two-page letter, the father quoted a bit of scripture and said he has “petitioned the courts of heaven” to steal the man's youth as punishment. “It has been nearly ten years since I learned that you stole my daughter [name redacted]’s virginity. Initially, it was my intention to forgive you. But after I confronted you about it and you expressed repentance, I later learned that you have since gone and done the same to others. Moreover, you have regarded the matter more like winning a game than the despicable deed it was. So, I have decided to irrevocably retract any offer of forgiveness.”

The father also mentioned in the letter that he has spent his time praying and studying the scriptures while deciding what to do to punish the man. He continued: “At the time I was a man of modest means and you deliberately took from me my most precious treasure. A treasure I invested my heart and soul and every available resource in creating.

“For a brief pleasure, you forever took from me the sublime joy of giving my pure, virgin daughter away in marriage to her chosen husband. Moreover, you broke trust with me and God, for you promised me as a Christian brother to diligently guard against this very act.”

“Since you have not raised a daughter, you cannot imagine the emotions and feelings that I have endured without relief since then. However, I will tell you that my wrath against you is so great that to kill you by prolonged and extreme torture followed by the thorough desecration and destruction of your corpse would not be enough to extinguish my anger. However, I am restrained from doing violence against you by the sole fact that I have given my heart to our Savior, Jesus Christ; and doing willful harm to a fellow Christian is an impossibility. Moreover, I cannot hate a person enough to desire that they should suffer eternal torment in hell. So, I have sought a resolution somewhere in between these extremes,” the father added.

He then turned to the Bible and referenced Jacob's marriage to Rachel, noting that Jacob served Rachel's father for seven years before marrying her. “However, we had no agreement, and you took my daughter’s virginity through deception and seduction. Therefore, it was stolen, and you are a thief and a liar,” the father wrote in the letter. Not just that, the old man also compared the presumably consensual sex between his daughter and her ex to the rape of Dinah in the bible. “So, I have decided to petition the courts of heaven to take from you and give to me that which is your dearest possession: your youth and all the good that goes with it.

“Specifically I demand divine restitution that will age you and rejuvenate me 49 years. Therefore, if from this date you discover that you have aged significantly or are aging rapidly, know that it is not a medical condition. It is the judgment of God,” the father’s letter read.

As soon as the picture of the letter was shared online, it became viral with people commenting things like: “I get that a lot of people have been using quarantine to be more productive or learn new skills, but if you find yourself attempting to place a hex on people who made you mad a decade ago, maybe productivity isn't for you and you should just watch Netflix.”

“It’s hard not to feel bad for the author. He’s mourning the loss of something that was never his from the most common activity in the history of humanity. He was always going to lose,” another one commented while a third person added, “I'm curious about the 'resources' he put into cultivating her virginity. I'm pretty sure it was that 20 seconds of joy during the act which led to her conception however many years ago, but I'm fascinated if there was anything else.”

You can read the letters here.

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