Father wrote five suicide notes before his girlfriend found him dead in his apartment

A father was found dead by his girlfriend alongside five suicide notes addressed to her, his ex-wife, his son and his family, an inquest heard

                            Father wrote five suicide notes before his girlfriend found him dead in his apartment

According to an inquest, a father wrote five suicide notes before ending his life. 34-year-old Alan Stuart was a computer engineer who worked for a company owned by his ex-wife's father. He left a letter to Megan Hickey, his partner, which was "apologetic throughout and explained how he didn't want to be without her."

On July 15 just after 11 am, Stuart was discovered hanging by Megan when she visited his residence to collect a letter, the coroner's court heard. According to Kent Live, the South East Coast Ambulance arrived at his home at 11.33 am - however, it was too late to save Stuart. Pathologist Ann Flemming, who conducted the post-mortem examination, found the cause of death to be "suspension", the Mirror reported.


In his police report, Detective Sergeant Nicholas Lewthwaite revealed that five suicide notes had been found in the apartment. Two were addressed to Hickey, one to his ex-wife, one to his son, Elliot, and the last one was for his family to read. At around 12.42 pm, officers arrived at the residence to check if there were any signs of a third party involved in the death. However, they did not find any.

While the police report stated Stuart's body had been there for less than 24 hours, authorities found that the letters were dated July 10 - five days before the tragic incident. Stuart reportedly had also left a message on his Apple iPad, which did not require a password to unlock, saying the "letters were saved in Dropbox". Hickey and Stuart had allegedly been in a "relatively new relationship" after he went through her letting agency, the inquest heard. They had started dating only in April and even went to Ibiza for a summer holiday.

Concluding, coroner Hatch said: "Having regard to the evidence that the detective has given and the notes, I am left with no alternative than to conclude that the death of Alan Stuart was suicide."


Megan Hickey shared an emotional tribute for Stuart: "You were my light, my life for not long enough. But will always be my love. You are my person, you are my soul mate and my god, I love you. I never thought a heart could break so suddenly into a million pieces but mine has. I don’t know how to mend it without you. We had such an amazing time, in such a short space. You have given me memories I will forever cherish and laughter that I didn’t think was possible. You were my best friend, above all else. I never thought for a moment I would be in a world where you weren’t there and this world is missing so much. Your smile lit up a room; and the sparkle in your eyes was magical. You were a truly special person, more special than you gave yourself credit for... there isn’t a single person I would have wanted to spend my days with, my life with. I always thought we would have children, extend our fur family as this was the plan. I was meant to move in with you, start our lives together. We had so many plans; so many beautiful and exciting plans... now, I promise you I will live every day like it’s my last, like we had done in every moment allowed to us. I love you, Alan Stuart, you will always be my everything. You have my heart forever. Love always, your Megan, your little woof & your Malley (our little fur family)."