Dad posts happy selfie before killing twin children and himself, texts wife 'you'll never see your kids again'

Mario Bressi, 45, reportedly strangled Elena to death and suffocated Diego with a pillow before jumping off a bridge

                            Dad posts happy selfie before killing twin children and himself, texts wife 'you'll never see your kids again'
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A father took a chilling final selfie with his young twins before killing them and himself. Mario Bressi smiled with the 12-year-old twins Diego and Elena in a happy holiday photo, hours before he murdered them, and then committed suicide in northern Italy. Bressi also allegedly sent messages to his wife telling her that she will never see her children again.

The final photo of the trio posted on Instagram showed Bressi along with his children during a trip to the mountains in northern Italy. The 45-year-old father captioned the image as: “With my children, always together.” According to reports, the incident happened Friday night, June 26, or Saturday morning, June 27, when Bressi killed the kids and then jumped off a bridge near a holiday home in the village of Margno, in northern Italy. The father reportedly strangled Elena to death while he suffocated Diego with a pillow. Local media reports claimed that to execute his plan, Bressi waited until the twins slept as he did not want to look into their eyes.

The case has now been investigated by the Italian authorities who are also probing whether the twin children were sedated before they slept and whether the killings were premeditated, The Sun reported. It has also been said that Bressi sent WhatsApp messages to his estranged wife, Daniela Fumagalli, saying " you will never see your kids again". “You have destroyed a family,” one of his messages to his wife read. The father-of-two and Fumagalli are said to have been suffering from marital problems for two years, although Bressi had never shown violent behavior.

Reports stated that after receiving the messages from Bressi, the mother of the children rushed to the house, but found the kids dead. Investigators are now reportedly awaiting the autopsy results to determine the exact time and cause of the Elena and Diego’s death. The Mirror said local police found the kids’ mobile phones discarded while Bressi’s mobile has not been discovered.

In another similar incident, a father was given life imprisonment for killing his two kids as he wanted to get revenge from their mother. Laurent F put building foam down the children's throats to prevent their breathing process and also tried to kill his wife for leaving the family home. The 55-year-old man was born in France but lived in Dresden, Germany since 1992.  He admitted to killing five-year-old Leo and two-year-old Maya in May 2019 after the trial started. Laurent, who is professionally a builder, was also convicted of the attempted murder of his ex-wife Marieta F, who was the mother of the two kids. He will have to serve at least 20 years in jail. Prosecutor Till von Borries said: “The indictment alleges that on May 9, 2019, the building subcontractor strangled his two children Maya, 2, and Leo, 5, in his apartment until they were unconscious. In order to make sure that nobody was able to resuscitate them at the last minute, he then injected fast-acting construction foam into their mouths in order to close off their airways."

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