Families receive envelopes full of cash on Christmas from real-life secret Santa!

As the clock struck midnight on Christmas Day, families received envelopes with a note saying 'Jesus loves you,' containing money from who they astonishingly claim to be a 'real-life Santa.'

                            Families receive envelopes full of cash on Christmas from real-life secret Santa!

Santa Claus has come to town! And it's none other than Linden Close in Walsall, West Midlands. Families at Linden Close have reported of a random but generous act of kindness that most of them in the neighborhood witnessed. 

A secret Santa slipped in envelopes full of cash through letterboxes and doors of families in and around the area. The envelope read nothing but, 'Jesus loves you.'

The envelopes contained money ranging from £50 to £100, distributed evenly in a mixture of £20 and £10 notes.

A secret and generous Santa dropped envelopes full of cash into the homes of the needy.
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From among the lucky locals were single mums, the sick and jobless. All of whom were experiencing a rather tight Christmas. These grateful families are now tracking down their generous and kind mystery gift-giver to thank him for his golden heart!

Dad Sam Lloyd-Jones said, “It’s absolutely mental and we’d love to find out who the mystery benefactor is to say a big thank you.”

Auditor Sam, 27, added: “It doesn’t look like the most affluent area and he’s chosen a neighborhood where some people are really struggling so we’re all very grateful.”

He delivered the presents to 60 flats in the neighborhood, giving away thousands of pounds! All the envelopes bore a similar note written crisp and neat: Jesus loves you.

NHS housekeeper Kirsty Tapper, 26, who was one of the lucky lots, works at Walsall Manor Hospital. She and her partner Leanne plan to invest their £50 in an ISA for their one-year-old son Roman.


She told the Sun Online: "I wasn't feeling at all festive as I had just finished work and knew I also had to work on Christmas Day - this really changed my mood."

Kristy Tapper and her partner Leanne with one-year-old son Roman.
Source: Kristy Tapper

"It's an amazingly generous thing to do and I am sure this man had helped make Christmas for a lot of people. He's a real life, Santa Claus."

"It really lifts your spirits to think that a total stranger would give away so much money at a time when cash can be so tight."

The envelopes all bore the note, 'Jesus loves you.'
Source: Kristy Tapper

Chris Watson, a builder who is out of work and dad of two, who was gifted £100 by the stranger said: “I was quite shocked when I found the envelope on my doormat but it’s a brilliant gesture considering there are so many bad things happening in the world.

New dad-to-be Josh Holden, 21, who was given £100, smiled:”It’s mad but a nice gesture.

"We’ve got a baby girl on the way in two weeks and we’ll spend it on her. I can’t believe a stranger would do this, at first I thought it was a joke.”

John Miller, 30 and jobless was one of the few to see the mystery Santa! He recalled the man to be a stocky Jamaican lad with a mustache and glasses. The man looked in his early 30s and was seen sporting jeans, a green jumper, and a black hat.

'He had a Tesco bag full of envelopes and said he needed to post them,' said John Miller, a jobless resident who was one of the lucky ones to see him.
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“I’d been having a kip but I came to the door and he shook my hand and said ‘God loves you.’ - John added.

"He had a Tesco bag full of envelopes and said he needed to post them."

"It was strange but he was sober and looked as sound as a pound.”

Kirsty Tapper added: "I would love to tell him what an amazing person he is. It's nice to know there are people out there who still care for others."

"What happened last night was all about the true meaning of Christmas - which is about putting others first."

One man in the neighborhood was quite skeptical of his £100 gift. He thinks it could be stolen money and someone might come to eventually take it back.

While close to 60 houses in the vicinity received these envelopes, one unlucky woman  Sharon Brough, 47, was “bitterly disappointed” not to have received the money envelope. She is jobless and remarked that she could not help but notice she had been left out and she could have had some help with the extra cash. 


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