'Falling stars challenge' is the latest social media trend that we didn't need

In a pool full of Instagram challenges, another one has made its way and we are thinking when will this end.

                            'Falling stars challenge' is the latest social media trend that we didn't need
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The Internet is a crazy place where in a matter of seconds, a person or even a challenge can become famous. For instance, in the year 2014, the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' took the internet by storm. Thousands of people got on to their social media to post videos of them doing the challenge and further tagging their friends to continue it. However, throughout this, people forgot the real reason why the challenge was started. But let's accept in today's world, who wants to know the reason? Everyone wants to stay up to date with the trend and make sure they are part of it one way or another. In a bid to stay in tune with the social media trends, people have found themselves a new one to amuse themselves with. It is known as 'falling stars challenge'. 

The trend is as crazy as the name. People are posting pictures of their "fake falls" on the internet and encouraging people to do the same. People are now thinking of different places where they can click their picture-perfect shot. While it is not known who came up with this strange idea, it is clear that people on the Internet are not missing an opportunity to show off their wealth in these pictures.

Some people took to Instagram to post pictures from when they were getting out of their private jet, others clicked a picture on their yacht. Nonetheless, people are doing it for fun and some of them have gone a step further with the trend by spilling their belongings on the floor to make the fall a bit realistic. 

In case you want to hop on the bandwagon, it is quite simple. As reported by Metro, choose the background where you think you can click the perfect shot. Once you have, just pretend to fall by lying on the floor. Be careful that you don't hurt yourself in real while performing this task. After you have found your perfect fall position, just ask a friend or set a timer to click the shot. 

If you want to make things a little more realistic, just throw some belongings on the floor and that would do the trick. Once you think you have the desired picture, take it to your social media and upload it with your choice of a caption. However, do not forget to put the hashtag, "#fallingstars2018". While many are becoming a part of this trick, sometimes, it can turn out to be disastrous. With people posting pictures by lying down on a functioning escalator or pretending to fall off a car seat in a busy traffic, it is only a matter of seconds for things to go bad. 

So, be careful while taking pictures. This trend follows the kiki challenge which took the Internet by storm. This musical challenge had people posting videos of them dancing to the beats of the song 'In my feelings' by Drake. However, people were injured while performing this challenge as many hurt themselves while jumping out of their cars.