Death Grips are reportedly working on new music with Shrek director Andrew Adamson

The experimental hip hop group feature in hundreds of memes that for some strange reason mash up Shrek and Death Grips, often called 'Shrek Grips'.

Death Grips are reportedly working on new music with Shrek director Andrew Adamson

Musically speaking, Death Grips are an interesting lot. Bordering on the fringe of post-modern hip-hop, and with ever the enigmatic social media presence, they are practically idolized for their enigmatic social media presence, sending fans into a frenzy with every rare, coded message. The band is notorious for their presence in the deeper recesses of the internet. They even took to the Dark Web to promote one of their albums by sharing an encrypted picture with fans. And every time the band tweets or 'is online', fans seem to lose their sh*t! Just check out some of the fan tweets and you'll get a picture of what we're talking about: 

Their latest tweet was no different. But it came with some good news. The experimental hip-hop group seem to be working on some new material. But it’s the unexpected collaborator featured in the accompanying image with the tweet that’s really raising eyebrows. According to the band, they’re currently in the studio with none other than Shrek and 'The Chronicles of Narnia' director Andrew Adamson.

The tweet is especially noteworthy because there is a huge vortex of memes that are for some reason dedicated to Shrek and Death Grips mashups, often called 'Shrek Grips'. “Working on the new album with Andrew Adamson,” Death Grips tweeted, and confirmed the same to  Pitchfork. So it looks like whatever’s happening in the picture in the Tweet does actually translate to follow-up to 2016’s 'Bottomless Pit'. Until then, the plethora of 'Shrek Grips' video should keep you entertained, or at least bemused.

Death Grip last released new music in May of last year in the form of  'Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber Megamix)'. They also shared an 11-minute electronic drum solo to promote their 2017 tour. Apple Music users can listen to the EP below:



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