Empire of the Sun’s Instagram tribute to evangelist Billy Graham stirs controversy

The Christian Evangelist who died recently, was paid tribute by the band's official social media accounts, much to the rage of fans as well as band member Nick Littlemore.

                            Empire of the Sun’s Instagram tribute to evangelist Billy Graham stirs controversy

Empire Of The Sun seem to be embroiled in a social media controversy.The issue stirred over a tribute made to Christian evangelist Billy Graham on the band's official social media channels.

The Baptist minister, who passed away on Wednesday night, was a controversial figure due to homophobic, anti-Semitic, and other discriminatory views that he held. The Australian synth-pop band joined those paying tribute to him with a post on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

As Stereogum first reported, the message – a photo of Graham with a quote from him saying when he died he “would have gone into the presence of God” – appears to have been posted by frontman Luke Steele, bearing a caption that said “God bless the great Billy Graham.” Obviously, the post bore a threat of instantly polarizing the band’s fans but what was even more surprising before the fan reactions poured in, Steele's bandmate, songwriter Nick Littlemore, showed that he was as surprised as the fans when he saw the post.


God bless the great Billy Graham.

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 Littlemore commented on the Instagram post saying, “Not all of us are interested in celebrating a life of a bigot #fyi”.

Graham has long drawn criticisms for his intolerant views. In a leaked conversation with Richard Nixon from 1972, he expressed disdain for Jews and said that his Jewish friends “don’t know how I really feel about what they’re doing to this country.”

Hopefully, all this was just a misunderstanding with the handling of the band’s social media account and will blow over soon. Check out some of the fan reactions below: 


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