Elon Musk to launch his own Tesla Roadster sending David Bowie's Space Oddity into Space

One of the world’s fastest cars is all set to be on its way to Mars and is going to be playing a David Bowie song, the billionaire founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk has declared.

                            Elon Musk to launch his own Tesla Roadster sending David Bowie's Space Oddity into Space

The first test launch of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket -the most powerful reusable rocket to date- takes place next month! 

The destination? Mars!

The payload inside the rocket? Elon Musk's very own Tesla Roadster (in midnight cherry color, of course.)

And what's better? The car will be playing David Bowie’s 1969 classic Space Oddity as it orbits Mars.

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Musk, who had previously promised to put 'the silliest thing we can imagine' on board the Falcon Heavy's maiden voyage, suggests his Tesla could very well be floating in space for "a billion years" provided the experimental rocket does not explode!

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SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket is a heavy-lift launch vehicle that uses two Falcon 9 first stages around a central core. It stands 230 feet tall and is designed to launch payloads of up to 57 metric tons so a single Tesla Roadster should be a piece of cake for the monster rocket. The vehicle is capable of carrying twice the payload of the massive Delta IV Heavy rocket built by the United Launch Alliance and will be the most powerful American rocket since NASA's famed Saturn V moon rocket.

Musk, however, has repeatedly mentioned that there is a good chance the rocket could fail. It is so complicated that a lot could go wrong during its maiden launch, Musk claims.



The Falcon Heavy's first flight was originally scheduled for 2013 but after being repeatedly pushed back, it's finally due to blast off in January 2018 from Kennedy Space Center, near Cape Canaveral, Florida using the same launchpad as Apollo 11.

"Guaranteed to be exciting, one way or another." Musk says.

NASA, after having played hits on Mars like Across the Universe by The Beatles and Break On Through by The Doors, it is now the chance for David Bowie's Space Oddity to shine through. 

Ground Control to Major Tom...
Check ignition and may God's love be with you!

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