Elon Musk takes on Flat Earthers in Twitter battle

The Billionaire space tycoon made a seemingly harmless jab on Twitter asking why there's no Flat Mars Society. The Flat Earth Society's reply will leave you confused, but amused nonetheless!

                            Elon Musk takes on Flat Earthers in Twitter battle

The Flat Earth Society has been getting some traction in the media for all the wrong reasons off-late. Their most recent achievement is locking horns on Twitter with Billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk. A tweet that initially seemed to be a rather harmless jab by Musk, caught the Flat Earthers' attention and the internet had a field day wth it!

Musk, who is the CEO of SpaceX, has been developing plans for viable trips to Mars in the future via re-usable spaceships for quite some time now. He was sharing an interesting fact about the sunrise and sunset on Mars through NASA's pictures as seen from the Curiosity Mars Rover.

'Why is there no Flat Mars Society?', Musk tweeted earlier this week. This caught the attention of one of two verified accounts for the Flat Earth Society (yes! they're verified on Twitter!) who took the tweet quite literally and replied with a hilariously earnest, yet confusing tweet of their own.

The logic of their reply, much like the society's name, fell a little flat! Not to mention the fact that it caught the attention of the scientific community, astronauts and everyone else with any semblance of common sense! The clincher of the Flat Earth's Society was that "Unlike the Earth, Mars has been observed to be round."

Obviously, this raises more questions than it answers. Apparently, the Flat Earthers believe that the Earth is the only celestial body that is not flat!

This caught the attention of astronaut Garrett Reisman who was quick to post a selfie of himself from space, where it's clearly visible that the Earth is nowhere close to flat!

For the uninitiated, Flat Earthers believe that the Earth is indeed a flat disk, with Antarctica running along the periphery. Also, they believe that all photo evidence of the Earth as a sphere is simply fake. Somehow, we guess they arbitrarily decided that the photo evidence for Mars being spherical is legitimate! Even the famous astrophysicist and host of Star Talk Radio, Neil de Grasse Tyson had a word to put in sideways.

It should be noted that the theories of The Flat Eart Society are in fact baseless conspiracy theories with no substantiation. It has been proven beyond doubt, since the times of the Ancient Greeks even, that the Earth is spherical.

The Flat Earth society attracts an interesting and bizarre crowd. Earlier this month, a Flat Earther by the name of 'Mad' Mike Hughes (the name should give you an idea of what's coming) decided to build a homemade rocket and fly across the Mojave Desert to set the record straight for himself and prove the scientific community wrong!

'Mad' Mike Hughes, the Flat Earther posing with his homemade rocket. (Image source: Pinterest)

A GoFundMe project even managed to raise nearly US$8,000 for Hughes to embark on this risky mission.  This is not the first time a flat-Earther set up ambitious crowdfunding campaigns to conduct their own 'real' scientific experiments. In September this year, rapper B.o.B had opened a crowd-funding project to launch 'one, if not multiple' rockets so that he can see the Earth for himself. He set the project at $1 Million and at the time of writing, the project has gathered $6,872!

More and more Americans are starting to pay heed to the Flat Earthers and perhaps Elon Musk picked a good time to curb the madness before it got out of hand! Meanwhile, the Internet had a go at the brewing debate and some of the tweets were simply too good!



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