Every Instagram hottie knows - a good photographer can send your popularity skyrocketing. Actress and model Elizabeth Hurley seems to know that too. She revealed that her 15-year-old son Damian is the talent behind her uber hot bikini shots, according to a report in The Sun. She reportedly said, "He definitely takes some, but I do have other friends that I can torture for some too."

(Source: Instagram)

Hurley, who is 52, added that "I’ve been in the business for a really long time so my body is something I have to take care of and think about all the time. I use as much cream as possible on it."

Social media, however, wasn't too happy about this revelation along with TV presenter Christine Lampard, reported Daily Mail.

She reportedly felt sorry for Damian clicking those bikini shots of his mum. She said on the Lorraine show, "He probably [feels embarrassed] He’s 15 it’s like "oh mum, not again!" It's very odd, very odd. Stick with your friends to take those pictures."

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Her emotions were echoed on social media as users cringed. 

"I can’t help but feel cringed about this. I don’t think any son should be taking sexy pictures of their mother" said one user reportedly. Another comment on Twitter said, "Imagine if it was a 15-year-old girl taking photographs of her dad? Bit weird."

However, actress Lizzie Cundy came to Hurley's rescue posting a sexy shot on Twitter. She said, "My son takes my bikini pics too! He always gets the best shots."

(Source: Instagram)

One of the photos of Hurley, in a swimsuit, on Instagram even features her son's shadow. She's wearing a hot pink tankini in the shot, looking seductively at the camera. 

Damian is the son of Hurley and business tycoon Steve Bing. He's also an actor.