New Hampshire Primary: Donald Trump has a cakewalk win with a whopping 86% of votes

The Republican leader registered his second primary win in the Granite State after 2016

                            New Hampshire Primary: Donald Trump has a cakewalk win with a whopping 86% of votes
President Donald Trump (Getty Images)

The Democratic Party might be seeing a divided and competitive primary season with a number of candidates engaged in a rat race, but it is a smooth sail on the Republican side. President Donald Trump bagged the New Hampshire Primary easily on February 11 with minimal opposition. 

The 73-year-old bagged an overwhelming 86 percent of the votes while his opponents, led by former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld, scrambled for the remaining numbers. Trump had a cakewalk in Iowa too where he bagged at least 97 percent of the votes. 

In 2016, Trump tasted his first primary win in New Hampshire

It was Trump’s second primary victory in the Granite State. In 2016, he tasted his first-ever win in a presidential primary in the same state after losing to Ted Cruz in Iowa. Then, however, the final results were far closer with Trump winning 35.2 percent of the votes while his nearest competitor, former governor of Ohio John Kasich, got 15.7 percent. 

However, Trump lost by a wafer-thin margin to his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton in the presidential election in New Hampshire in November 2016. While Hillary got 47.62 percent of the votes, Trump got 47.25 percent but that didn’t stop him from going on to become the 45th president of the US. 

On February 10, Trump held a rally in Manchester, NH, and deployed surrogates throughout the state the next day to test the GOP’s campaigning efforts for the presidential election. 

Trump today is an undisputed leader in the Republican Party, so much so that it has even canceled primaries in a number of states to make it easy for him. His campaign has worked hard to dominate the nomination process and turn the party convention scheduled in August into a "four-day infomercial", Associated Press reported. 

Trump has been boosted by his recent acquittal in the impeachment trial over his alleged Ukraine connections and he has come hard at his critics — both administrative and political — following that, vowing to turn the presidential election this year into a one-way traffic.

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