Trump Town Hall slammed a ‘disaster’, Refuse Fascism and BLM chants grow louder than ‘four more years’ slogans

Donald Trump decided to turn up for a 90-minute town hall special hosted by ABC News from the battleground state of Pennsylvania

                            Trump Town Hall slammed a ‘disaster’, Refuse Fascism and BLM chants grow louder than ‘four more years’ slogans
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America is all eyes to see the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Barely two weeks before that, Trump decided to turn up for a 90-minute town hall special hosted by ABC News from the battleground state of Pennsylvania. ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos anchored the "20/20" event — 'The President and the People' — from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

As the event began with uncommitted voters getting a chance to quiz the president on burning issues affecting Americans such as the coronavirus pandemic, economic stability as well as the Black Lives Matter protests for racial justice, Trump's answers stumped the crowd. 

When a first-time voter asked Trump why he downplayed the pandemic after audio recordings from interviews with Bob Woodward were leaked which proved he said it in an attempt to not cause a panic, Trump denied it. "I didn't downplay it. I, actually, in many ways, I up-played it, in terms of action. My action was very strong," Trump said. "Yeah, because what I did was, with China, I put a ban on. With Europe, I put a ban on and we would have lost thousands of more people had I not put the ban on. So that was called 'action,' not with the mouth but in actual fact."

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Moreover, when he was quizzed about the health plan, he said it's going to come soon. "We're not going to hurt pre-existing conditions and, in fact, just the opposite," Trump said."We're going to be doing a health care plan very strongly and protect people with pre-existing conditions." 

That's not all. When Trump was questioned about racial justice across the country by Laura Galva of Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, a registered nurse. Invoking the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake, she asked if he believes racial injustices are occurring in this nation while saying she has always voted for a Republican president. Trump then said, "Well I think they were tragic events, and I do feel that we have to also take into consideration that if you look at our police they do a phenomenal job. You'll have people choke, make mistakes and they happen, it happens, where they have to make a fast decision and some bad things happen," adding there are "bad apples" but "99%" are "great people."

Twitter was soon bombarded with photos and videos of BLM protesters marching against Trump. Apparently, it began when Trump supporters started shouting 'FOUR MORE YEARS' there. "Chants of “Four more years!” from the Trump supporters outside the President’s Town Hall in Philadelphia #Trump #Philadelphia #TrumpTownHall," one Twitter user posted.

A string of tweets followed on the protesters. "Refuse Fascism and Black Lives Matter marching towards Philadelphia City Hall tonight," one tweet read while another said, "Appears the Black Lives Matter protesters have won out and encouraged the group to continue marching through the city." One tweet read: "The anti-fascists are chanting against the Trump crowd outside the President’s town hall in Philly."





Not just that, the event itself was dubbed as a huge disaster. "He is already a disaster in normal circumstances, but when you pull him out of the Fox News bubble and put him in front of normal everyday folks (not members of his cult) it’s an utter catastrophe. #TrumpTownHall," one tweet read. Another said, "I'm not sure which of @realDonaldTrump's handlers thought it was a good idea to have him go on an unscripted, unsupervised discussion forum... but calling it an unmitigated disaster would be entirely too generous. His severe cognitive issues are on full display. #TrumpTownHall."

One even said: "From what I seeing this #TrumpTownHall was horrible idea. Thats what happens when all you do is lie and make s**t up," and another posted, "#TrumpTownHall I don't know how this shit started, but it's turned into an infomercial for Trump. Question: Trump: (lies, lies, more lies.) Stephanopoulos: (frowning) And we'll be back, after this break."





The "20/20" special event aired from 9 pm to 10.30 pm ET on ABC and ABC News Live along with pre-and post-show coverage for more context and analysis. As per reports, ABC offered to host a similar town hall with Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden but could not pin down on a mutually agreeable date.

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