Donald Trump's lawyer Jenna Ellis receives rape threats in anonymous text messages

'You’re a f**king c**t. You’re the reason people despise humanity. You deserved to be raped,' read the message sent to Jenna Ellis

                            Donald Trump's lawyer Jenna Ellis receives rape threats in anonymous text messages
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Jenna Ellis, a legal advisor to President Donald Trump and senior legal adviser to the Trump campaign, said that she had received threats, late night phone calls from unfamiliar numbers, and had to stand up to public calls for her disbarment. Ellis told Breitbart News via DM that she had received “Hundreds of DMs and messages etc threatening me.” She added, “CNN reporter messaged today accusing me of my bar license being lapsed. Unknown number has called my cell dozens of times between midnight and 4 am to blow up my phone and try to get through the DND [do not disturb].”

She also provided the conservative outlet with a screengrab of text messages from an unknown person who sent her a threatening message that ended with, "You’re a f**king c**t. You’re the reason people despise humanity. You deserved to be raped.” Some of the more public threats have been more subtle like encouraging the liberals to file Bar complaints. Others have been more direct. 

On Wednesday, November 25, she took to Twitter to write, "I keep getting a barrage of threats & false accusations from Dems and 'reporter' activists. My only comment is this: Do your worst. I’m not intimidated. I won’t back down. My mission is Truth, my God is the Lord Jesus Christ, and my client is the President of the United States." 


We previously reported that Ellis, the Trump 2020 Advisory Board member, who is currently spearheading the president's attempt to challenge the election results around the country, once called him an "idiot" and said his supporters didn't care about "facts or logic." Back in March 2016, Ellis wrote in a Facebook post, "I could spend a full-time job just responding to the ridiculously illogical, inconsistent, and blatantly stupid arguments supporting Trump," she wrote in her post. "But here's the thing: his supporters DON'T CARE about facts or logic. They aren't seeking truth. Trump probably could shoot someone in the middle of NYC and not lose support. And this is the cumulative reason why this nation is in such terrible shape: we don't have truth seekers; we have narcissists." The post has not been deleted or for that matter, any of her numerous posts slamming the POTUS in the past. 

Breitbart reported that it was not just Ellis facing such threats. Other Trump attorneys have been harassed too. The outlet noted that some of the mainstream media sites like the Washington Post, for example, published an op-ed on November 12 titled, 'Yes, going after Trump’s law firms is fair game.'

Criminal defense attorney and legal analyst Jonathan Turley has accused the Biden campaign of doing nothing to address the issue. "Some went further to threaten the officials and their families, a growing pattern. Yesterday, I spoke to Republican lawyers who recounted violent threats directed at them and their families. The Lincoln Project and various lawyers have led efforts to intimidate lawyers," he tweeted, writing in another tweet, "While Biden called for unity and healing, he has said nothing about the campaign against Trump lawyers and their clients. No law firms or lawyers have publicly withdrawn their support for the Lincoln Project. The silence speaks loudly to our loss of civility and decency."

“When such actions were taken against lawyers representing civil rights groups and others in the 1960s, it was correctly denounced as an outrageous abuse of our legal system,” Turley wrote in another. “Now it has become a campaign supported by politicians, lawyers, and the media.”






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