#KeepTexasRed vs #TurnTexasBlue battle splits the internet as Trump and Biden tied in virtual polls

Polls show Joe Biden and Donald Trump in a tight race to secure the support of Texans, which has traditionally elected Republican nominees

                            #KeepTexasRed vs #TurnTexasBlue battle splits the internet as Trump and Biden tied in virtual polls
Joe Biden, Donald Trump (Getty Images)

As Joe Biden secured the requisite number of delegates to become the Democratic Party's candidate for this year's presidential elections, polls in previously Republican-tilting states are now showing they could help Biden win the election. A poll by the Quinnipiac University shows Donald Trump and Biden neck and neck, with Trump receiving 44 percent of the vote and Biden receiving 43 percent in a general election matchup. 

As the race for the presidential elections heats up, the Texas Democratic Party reached out to voters on Saturday, June 6, to raise $1 million to register over two million voters in Texas by sending over 1.5 million vote-by-mail applications. Within hours, the target was reached with the Texas Democratic Party's official Twitter account sharing, "THANK YOU you to the 30,000 Americans comprised of allies, volunteers, candidates, and friends for helping us reach this historic goal in Texas Democrats history. We know that when we win Texas, we defeat Trump. #TurnTexasBlue."

Soon, #TurnTexasBlue was trending as social media called for Trump to be voted out of the office. One user tweeted, "If we #TurnTexasBlue then even Republicans will want to get rid of the Electoral College because they won’t stand a chance of passing for a generation," while another wrote, "Polls are tied. $1 million almost raised to register over 2 million new voters. If we all join the movement to #TurnTexasBlue, there's no stopping this big blue wave."

Another user expressed, "Fun fact: If Joe Biden can #TurnTexasBlue and just carry every state that Hillary won, he will be the next President. Biden and Trump are tied in Texas. Let’s make it happen!"

'Katy Keene' and 'Pretty Little Liars' actor Lucy Hale tweeted, "Might lose some followers over this, BUT I’d rather lose Trump come November. Win Texas. Lose Trump. Donate at http://38for38.com With 38 electoral votes, Texas can change this country for a generation if we #TurnTexasBlue together. Every $1 registers 2 Texans to vote!" One user wrote, "Texas voted for a man that bags about sexually abusing innocent women, then campaigns on building a wall to keep out “rapists” #TurnTexasBlue."

This began a virtual war between Trump supporters and detractors, with the opposing trend, #KeepTexasRed gaining traction. A Trump supporter tweeted, "I’m a native Texan, we will always be red, every election cycle Democrats like to say they’ve got Texas, they never have & never will, we are good & righteous here, we don’t buy into immoral ideals #keeptexasred."

Another wrote, "Democrats dreaming about flipping blue is exactly that, just a dream. Texas is forever Trump country! #MAGA #TXisTrumpCountry," while a user expressed, "When Texas is RED in November, all these liberals ought to move out. #KeepTexasRed." A user tweeted, "If you #TurnTexasBlue it will turn into another shithole like California... Why would anyone want that?"

A user shared, "Y’all could have kept Texas red if you didn’t elect Donald Trump. He has more time to tweet than gainfully employed Americans, of which there are fewer thanks to his lack of preparation, lack of work ethic, and lack of conscience. #KeepTexasRed #TurnTexasBlue." 

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