Trump slams Democrats for rioting and looting, Internet asks if he remembers when he 'tear-gassed protesters'

The video showed speeches by Democrats like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Ilhan Omar, wherein they supported the anti-racism protests

                            Trump slams Democrats for rioting and looting, Internet asks if he remembers when he 'tear-gassed protesters'
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President Donald Trump took a jab at the Democrats as he shared a video hinting that they had been the reason the country was going in flames and for the protests that have been taking place across the US. In the video, images from the protests were showcased one after the other. 

Trump wrote, "In democrat controlled cities across the US, violent mobs of liberals are rioting and looting." He pointed out that it was because of them that police across the US was being attacked. The video also contained the speeches of some of the democrats who had made a statement about the protests. 

One of the statements in the video was from Nancy Pelosi who said, "I just don't know why there aren't uprisings all over the country. Maybe there will be." Another video saw Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar say, "We need to completely dismantle the Minneapolis police department."

The video continued showing a glimpse of what happens when the police pull back. It ended with Trump making a claim that he would make sure the country is changed if people vote for him. People were shocked to see the video and some wondered if this was his campaign video. "This is a Trump campaign video? Who is President right now? If all this destruction and suffering is happening in our country, then it’s literally all on Trump. He can’t even run this country without it burning to the ground with people dying everywhere. Damn," one question. 

"It’s a hilarious campaign strategy for Trump to say our country has gone to shit so vote for 4 more years of Trump in charge," the comment continued. Another pointed out what Trump had done for the people in recent times as the comment read, "Remember when you tear gassed innocent peaceful protesters just to take a photo with a Bible?"

"I know you were busy golfing today... however, did you hear Florida reported 9,500 coronavirus cases today a new daily record. Pence canceled his trips to FL and AZ. I thought we were all good? Any words on the bounty?" read another comment.

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