Donald Glover calls himself the 'New Tupac', but Twitter is not having it

The “Stay Woke” rapper spoke to Esquire about coming up hard and drew parallels between his upbringing with that of Tupac's.

                            Donald Glover calls himself the 'New Tupac', but Twitter is not having it

Every other week it seems like there’s a new rapper who compares himself to Tupac Shakur. Usually, these grand claims are based on how music touches the streets like Pac’s or how the artist shares the same rebellious spirit or thug-like mentality. And usually, these are claims from small-time up-and-comers who suddenly get a little too full of themselves.

This time, it’s different. The artist making the claim is the one and only Childish Gambino, also known by his real name among some circles - Donald Glover. But Donald has an entirely different reason for declaring himself as the new Mr. Shakur.

“I know everybody likens themselves to Tupac a lot,” he told Esquire when asked to describe how he sees himself. “I am the new Tupac in a strange way. I grew up similar. I didn’t have a mom in the Black Panthers, but my parents were very pro-black. Also, my mom made me go to performing-arts high school. She was like, 'That’s where you need to be.' Sometimes you have to play a role for people to understand you, even though you’re far more complex than any of that. Sometimes it’s really hard to simplify that so people can eat it.”

Continuing to substantiate his claim, Glover said, "Storytelling is just simplifying what’s happening to you. Life is just a story. Stuff that happens to you, you just put into story mode. I just take what’s there and put it into story mode on a smaller level so that you can be like, ‘Oh my God, that’s life! I totally relate to that.’ ”

Elsewhere in the interview, Glover reflects on wanting to create unique stories for Black people, stories that will touch them. “Black people do not have the narrative over their story. It’s always been written by somebody else,” he said. Adding, “I also think it’s like we have PTSD. There’s a lot of things that have happened to us that we don’t completely understand and we’re not getting help to understand. That’s why information is so powerful and necessary. If you understand, then you don’t let it happen again.”

Predictably, Twitter didn’t take too kindly to the off-handed self-glorification. Check out some of the more memorable reactions below: 


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