Domino's cancels "free pizzas for life" deal after too many people got the logo tattooed

Domino's cancels "free pizzas for life" deal after too many people got the logo tattooed

Nobody is a stranger to the absolute blessing that is Dominos. That's the reason why the pizza franchise colossal fan following doesn't really come as a shocker, however, what does come as a shock is how far these fans are willing to go to show their dedication and devotion to the pizza company.

Especially in Russia, where the pizza chain was reportedly forced to end a promotional offer as countless fans jumped in to fulfill the mandate condition - get the brand's logo tattoed. As reported by Fox News, Domino's had an offer going on in Russia, where it promised people a 100 free pizzas every year for 100 years, only if they got the company's logo tattooed in a “prominent place” on their body.


The “unprecedented” promotion was initially intended to run for a month, between August 31 to October 31. But as expected, nobody would've wanted to pass off the chance of getting a 100 free pizzas per year - especially from Domino's - and that too for life! Hence, began the massive craze with people unabashedly getting the company's logo inked on their skin. Fans started flooding social media with pictures of their tattoos, as a result, the offer had to be withdrawn. 

From forearms to shins and wrist - people got the logo inked at varying places on their varying degrees of fondness and dedication to gain free pizzas from Domino's, with some getting intensely creative about it too - incorporating the signature blue and red colours from the official Domino's logo into pizza slices, hearts, and as can be seen in one instance, even on a skateboard.




The immense surge of these photos online is probably what caused Domino's to cease the deal, but until the point, they withdrew the offer, the first 350 people to have come up with their logo tattoos are still getting their lifetime supply of a hundred Domino's pizzas a year.

“An urgent message to all those sitting at the tattoo artist’s right now: We’ll include you in the list of participants, but we’re waiting for photos up to midday today,” a message on the company’s Vkontakte page reads. “To those with appointments scheduled for later, we recommend canceling them.”

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 Dominos cancels free pizzas for life deal too many people tattooed logo