Floyd Mayweather is a boxer who has been convicted of domestic abuse and has served an 87-day jail term for it as well. However, a stunningly ignorant response to a question about the #metoo movement proves that he has not had as much of a change of heart in terms of gender equality. 

Floyd, who was giving an interview to Men's Health Magazine, was asked how men can grow in 2018 with regards to the #metoo movement. We have seen men in Hollywood stand with the women and letting them know that #timesup for all forms of sexual harassments and for gender discrimination. 

Referee Robert Byrd stops the fight in round 10 with a TKO of Conor McGregor by Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their super welterweight boxing match on August 26, 2017 (Getty Images)

The dialogue all over the country has shifted towards the large scale at which women face sexual misconduct by the men in their personal and professional lives. In the backdrop of this phenomenon, when Floyd was asked what he thought of the #metoo movement, he seemed surprised.  

“The #MeToo movement. Women speaking out about sexual assault,” the interviewer explained to the boxer. Floyd then went on to make a tasteless joke that undermines the difficult journey of the brave women who stood up to the injustices they faced. 

Floyd Mayweather attends the 2017 Soul Train Awards, presented by BET (Getty Images)

He said, “Oh. ’Cause when you say “me too,” my thing was this. When somebody be like, ‘I got a Rolls Royce,’ I be like ‘Me too!’ When somebody say they got a private jet, I say, ‘Me too. I got two. Me too!'” When the interviewer tried to interject, he further added, "Well, I didn't know! My Me Too movement from the beginning was whenever somebody said what they have I'm like, ‘me too.’ Somebody say they got a billion dollars, I say, ‘I made a billion dollars, me too.’”  

Understandably, many people are furious about the blasé response Floyd had about the powerful movement, while others felt expecting anything more from the boxer is over-expectation.  Meanwhile, some others think considering Floyd's reputation, Floyd's link to #metoo is not as horrible as they thought it would be.






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