'F*** off b****!': Video shows TODDLERS cursing, hitting Minnesota cops serving warrant for murder suspect

'F*** off b****!': Video shows TODDLERS cursing, hitting Minnesota cops serving warrant for murder suspect
The video shows children, as young as wearing diapers, hitting cops (Alpha News/YouTube screenshots)

A shocking footage has surfaced online that shows a group of young children kicking, hitting, and swearing at police in St Paul, Minnesota, when cops arrived at a home to serve a search warrant while looking for a murder suspect. The video, recorded last week, shows children, as young as wearing diapers, punching the thighs of one of the cops.


"F*** off b****!" one child says several times before slapping the officer. One of the bystanders can be heard encouraging the children, using the word "Oreo head", referring to a Black police officer present at the scene. In an article titled 'Grooming children for a life of crime', author Sheila Qualls wrote of the incident on Alpha News, "Children who can't read or cross the street unattended hurled profanities and unabashed disrespect at law enforcement officers."


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"They cussed, berated, and struck police officers with their fists. This video is disgraceful. Heartbreaking. It is unsettling to law enforcement officers who encounter this behavior daily. It should be frightening to all of us. It should be embarrassing to leaders who have failed to lead a community toward virtue and morality," Qualls wrote. "We can do better, and we must. Let's stop playing politics with our children's lives. I do not believe this is what civil rights leaders wanted for the future of the black community. These children and our country deserve better."



The YouTube video has received a lot of flak, with some users blaming the children's behavior on bad parenting. Some expressed their concerns over the possibility that the children may grow up to be criminals. "Parents who raise their children to act like this should themselves be arrested for abusive parenting. You can already see where this child is heading, and it isn't good," one user wrote. Another user said, "Yep, when those kids get older the only sentence they’re gonna hear is “Will the defendants please rise”. "Everyone seems so concerned about these kid's future. I'm actually terrified about the future of the innocent victims who will be forced to suffer at the hands of these types when they enter adulthood in overwhelming numbers in a society that ignores, denies, promotes, rewards, and even celebrates their terrorism," one user said.



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"Can you imagine being a policeman and having to deal with this kind of abuse every day from these neighborhoods? Must get really old to be trying to do your job and get treated like this," one user wrote, while another said, "The problem isn't so much the bad child, or that fact that the parents are to blame. The problem is the kid will grow and eventually harm innocents. That is why the criminally-minded need to be separated from society, one way or another, without regard for how or why they turned out that way - to protect the innocent." One user wrote, "Then people wonder why they grow up to be criminals. Here you go. It has nothing to do with schools, racism or anything. Look at the families," wrote one user. 

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