'Get over the side of the road, stop playing games': Driver plays hilarious prank on police officer and gets pulled over

The footage shows the prankster being pulled over and receiving a lecture from the officer, aside from being made to take a breath test

                            'Get over the side of the road, stop playing games': Driver plays hilarious prank on police officer and gets pulled over

Pranksters can be found anywhere in the world and there are videos from all corners of the Internet to prove it. These professional tricksters will use the latest horror films for inspiration but more often than not, they will use people around them to pull harmless yet hilarious pranks. Unfortunately for one man in Australia, the simple pranks that he pulled ended up having some pretty serious consequences because of his target for this one. The man decided to pull a prank on a police officer, which in most cases wouldn't be the smartest thing to do, but many users on social media who have seen the footage have all questioned if the reaction of the police officer may have been a little over-exaggerated or more precisely, did the officer overreact to the harmless practical joke? 

The highly dramatic footage that was uploaded on Facebook shows Cameron Michael Holland being forced to get out of his vehicle and having to listen to a lecture from the officer. He was also made to take a breath test after the innocent prank that he pulled on the officer, reported the Daily Mail.



In the video, which was uploaded in two parts on Holland's page, a vehicle can be seen pulling up next to the Queensland police car before the officer can be seen rolling his window down. Holland can then be heard telling the officer: "Mate, you've left your key in the door." The baffled officer can be seen sticking his hand out of the window to check if the keys were outside then Holland laughs and says: "Nah, it's in your ignition."

Shortly after this, Holland can be seen being pulled over to the side of the road after the officers in the car turn on the sirens. The officer, who seems quite frustrated at this point, questions him and then performs a breath test on him. The officer can be heard asking Holland: "You think it's funny mucking around with emergency services or something do you? Get over the side of the road, stop playing games."

The video has so far been shared more than 9,000 times on Facebook and many social media users have responded to the footage. Some of them commented that the officer should've just laughed off the harmless prank. One user commented: "The prank was good and [the] cop should've had a laugh at the harmless joke." Another person wrote: "'Don't mess with emergency services" yet pulls him over and wastes how much time when he could be attending those 'emergencies'."

Some social media users, however, were on the side of the police officer. They said: "It's people like these young fellas that think they are above the law nothing but loser wannabe gangsters that's all I see." The video has been viewed more than 600,000 times as of September 24.