Dianne Feinstein grills Trump SCOTUS frontrunner and doesn't want to end filibuster, Internet asks her to retire

Feinstein dismissed the idea of even considering Trump's nominees for the vacant position after Ginsburg’s death

                            Dianne Feinstein grills Trump SCOTUS frontrunner and doesn't want to end filibuster, Internet asks her to retire
Dianne Feinstein (Getty Images)

After the death of the liberal icon and justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there have been talks as to who will replace her with Trump trying to nominate another Supreme Court justice for the vacant position. This has not been supported by Senators such as Dianne Feinstein, who dismissed the idea of even considering Trump’s nominees for the top-notch position.
She tweeted on September 21 hinting how it is better to wait until the elections rather than give conservatives a place in the Supreme Court, which she felt could weaken certain laws. "A 6-3 conservative Supreme Court could determine the fate of critical rights and protections. The court could gut the ACA and overturn Roe v. Wade. It could weaken protections for DACA recipients. It could undermine LGBT rights. And it could eliminate environmental safeguards." She further added in a tweet that one must not hasten to fill the seat left vacant by Ginsburg. "For all these reasons, just as Senator McConnell said in 2016, 'The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court justice.' Under no circumstances should the Senate consider a replacement for Justice Ginsburg until after the inauguration."


Previously, Dianne Feinstein grilled a frontrunner, Amy Coney Barrett, who was to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the US Supreme Court. This came after President Donald Trump vowed to replace the late justice "without delay".

Furthermore, the Senate Democrat also reacted to the talk related to expanding the Supreme Court and getting rid of the filibuster. Feinstein, a Senator and a California Democrat, said filibuster must not be abolished. "I don't believe in doing that. I think the filibuster serves a purpose. It is not often used. It's often less used now than when I first came. And I think it's part of the Senate that differentiates itself." She remained ambiguous on whether she supported expanding and packing the high court, saying, "Ask me when we win the majority."

A filibuster is a political process where one or more members of parliament or congress debate over a proposed piece of legislation so as to delay or entirely prevent a decision being made on the proposal.

After her stand on filibuster and judge of the Supreme Court as well as remaining vague on expanding SCOTUS dropped, people alleged that she is being loyal to her party. Many felt she must be removed from congress or retire. However, others felt she was being realist instead of making hollow threats. An enraged user wrote, "She needs to retire along with Pelosi, Schumer, and that other guy I can't think of. I've been done with her for a while. Time to retire Feinstein."


Some said she is showing more allegiance to her own party. “Dear fellow Democrats, loyalty to the Party is one thing, but until these power-crazed malefactors, such as, Pelosi, Schumer and Feinstein and others, are removed from congress, you must vote intelligently not out of loyalty and ignorance." Others asked why she was against the filibuster. "So why is Senator Feinstein against getting rid of the filibuster rule? McConnell is gambling that an SC judge is worth his majority. He needs to be given different incentives." Some felt she deserves being blamed for delaying the passing of key legislation. "If Democrats cannot agree to the first step necessary to passing ANY pro-choice legislation or ANY legislation that allows us to grow the liberal justices on SCOTUS, then the blood of women who die from illegal abortions is on their hands. Feinstein absolutely deserves blame.” 




Some supported her. "Dems aren't likely to get a senatorial majority in the near term and she is being a realist instead of making hollow threats. There is a reason she has been on the Hill for so long." Some said she has taken a wise stand. "Republicans get that the system is rigged. That it’s illegitimate and anti-democratic. That’s why they exploit it and use it against us. Democrats like Feinstein believe the system is inherently good, reflecting ancient wisdom. A fiction leading to bad strategy and no results."



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