We reported earlier this month about punk band Decent Criminal and their serendipitous shot at 15-minutes of global fame. Thanks to a mix up at a pressing plant in the Czech Republic, the B-side of an entire batch of Kendrick Lamar’s 2012 album 'Good Kid, M.A.A.D City' vinyls featured songs from Decent Criminal’s 2017 album, 'Bloom.'

We caught up with the Californian punk-rockers for a chat over e-mail and were greatly delighted to know that the band was as amused as we were, if not more, when they found out about the goof-up that put them on some couple-of-thousands of Lamar's records.

"We were floored. It seems like someone forgot to listen to the test pressings," said Brian of Decent criminal. When asked how they heard about the mix-up, he said, "A fan from the UK sent us a message on our Instagram page with a video clip of our music on the B-side of Lamar’s platinum major label debut, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City." 

Meaww asked the band if they'd managed to get their hands on some of these faultily pressed LPs. Hey, one never knows what could turn into a rare collectible a couple of decades from now! In response, the band said, "Not yet, but we’d love to get our hands on a copy. As far as we know, this batch of records is/was only available for shipment in the UK."

Not being able to resist the obvious question, we asked if anyone in the band is a fan of Lamar's work, as unlikely as it may be, considering that there is a very thin line, if at all, where hip-hop and punk can meet (barring Death Grips, of course — God knows what that falls under!). In response, Brian said, "None of us are super familiar with his work, but we obviously know he’s a huge star. He’s taking hip-hop to the next level of commercial success and recognition. Much respect!"

"This was a very timely piece of press, as we were headed out on a US tour the same week. It was picked up by some fairly large publications, and has been great fun to watch unfold," the band said when we asked if the goof-up helped the band get more of the spotlight thanks to the attention that it drew on social media.

We also asked the band what tracks they would choose if they could curate a Lamar/Decent Criminal mix-tape. Their reply was classic: "We’d probably want both artists to contribute new songs. I think it would be most interesting to collaborate and write music together, rather than release independent tracks."

When asked which of their tracks would be a good fit as a sample for one of Kendrick's songs, the band said, "We have a couple songs on our new record 'BLOOM' that could work. Our song 'Storm' would be great. It’s got a good groove. That’s probably the best fit."

We completely agree, and you can check out Storm, along with the rest of the album below:

Check out the band's bio below:

In 2014, brothers Hunter and Tristan Martinez took what was already an active touring act, and rebuilt it from the ground up, giving the band a new sound and set of players. Hunter, the band’s only original member, switched from guitar/vocals to drums, and the band never skipped a beat. Tristan, who was at one point the band’s fill in bass player, took on the key roles of guitarist and primary songwriter. The two brothers enlisted the services of bassist/vocalist Alex Kouninos, and later guitarist/vocalist Brian Gellman to round out the sound. The new band quickly developed their own style, with unique three part vocal harmony permeating their recordings, and live performances.
Since the overhaul, Decent Criminal has released a 7” split in 2015, a self-titled debut LP in 2016, and has most recently released their sophomore LP 'Bloom' via Dodgeball Records in 2017. Over the past few years, Decent Criminal has picked up some serious momentum, thanks to a combination of prolific songwriting, and a relentless drive to tour and play live.

Decent Criminal is currently touring in support of their latest album, 'Bloom'. For information on their shows and other updates, you can follow the band via their Facebook or Twitter channels.

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