You do NOT want to mess with Dave Tennant in Bad Samaritan. Electric Entertainment has released the trailer for the upcoming thriller and it looks gripping. 

Robert Sheehan also stars alongside Dave, as Sean a valet who comes up with a robbery scheme with his partner in crime Derek, played by Carlito Olivero. Their plan is simple, yet clever: while the guests at the venue they cover are otherwise occupied, they rob their homes.

Two valets hatch a clever plan that soon backfires. (YouTube)

Things seem to be going according to plan until the overconfident thieves break into the wrong house belonging to Cale Erendreich, played by Dave Tenant. The burglars make a shocking discovery when they find that the man they're about to rob is holding a woman hostage.

Don't mess with Dave. (YouTube)

Soon, Cale discovers that his home was broken into and this does not bode well for the thieves. Will they risk everything to save not just the woman, but themselves? Will the police cooperate or hold them accountable for their crimes? The trailer has got us asking all the right questions, and we cannot wait to watch the movie.

The cast also includes Carlito Olivero, Kerry Condon, and Jacqueline Byers. It's exciting to see Dave being cast in more demanding roles. He is better known to have played the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who. Bad Samaritan is said to release in the US on 30 March. A UK release date has not been confirmed yet.

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