Daughter loses 55 lbs so that she can donate her kidney to her ailing 74-year-old father

Daughter decides to lose around 55lbs and succeeds in order to donate her kidney to her father who was diagnosed with a kidney failure in 2016

                            Daughter loses 55 lbs so that she can donate her kidney to her ailing 74-year-old father

Dawn Muhammed is definitely worthy of the 'Daughter of the Year' award and has proved that a father-daughter bond is like no other. Her father Lucious Daniels was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2016 and since then Dawn was determined to help her father out. 

She secretly started to lose weight in the hope that she would be able to give her father her kidney. Daniels was on dialysis around twice a week in order to keep him alive as he was on the waitlist for a new kidney. The waitlist time was around five years long. 

Daniels told Fox 5, "Being on dialysis was something that, in order for me to survive, was something that I had to do. I didn’t have a choice". Muhammed decided to take a blood test which indicated that her kidney could be a match but her BMI was much too high to qualify. 

"It was just a shock. So at that point, my journey began," she said of Daniels' diagnosis. Dawn went on to hire a personal trainer who helped her out in the gym and also gave her nutrition and diet advise. There were times when she struggled to stick to her newer and healthier lifestyle but those times all she thought of was her father. 

"If your goal is as important to you as you know it is, you’ve got to stick to that goal, no matter what," she shared. Over a period of around 16 months, Dawn started to lose weight and ended up dropping around 55 lbs. She went from a size 20 to a size 14. In the month of April, she revealed to her father that she hoped to give him her kidney.  

On July 2, she learned that she and her father were a perfect match. "I received that phone call at 9 in the morning from the transplant center, and the first words were, ‘You are a perfect match with your father. You two are a perfect match,’" Dawn shared. 

She shared the happy news with Daniels and her extended family who were delighted. "When it finally sunk in and I finally stopped crying, all I could do was just give her a hug," Daniels shared. "And like she said, the other family members were there as well so we all hugged and said a prayer and thanked God for his blessing".

The transplant has been scheduled for August 31.