Daniel Radcliffe, known famously for his lead role in the Harry Potter franchise, has always been a keen supporter of LGBTQ rights. The actor recently spoke to The Daily Beast about his advocacy towards gay rights.

Daniel has always been very involved with the LGBTQ community. "I’m from a family of actors and I grew up around a lot of gay people and it was never even explained to me, I don’t think—or if it was, it was in passing. It was never explained to me as being something different. It was just, 'Oh, this is my parent’s friend Mark, and Mark has a boyfriend.'"

"I think there’s a lot more effort being made to tell stories about different people—and about different groups of people," said Daniel (Getty)

Daniel's involvement with the gay community increased when he learned of the high suicide rates. "The thing that made me want to get involved [in LGBTQ advocacy] was less specific to the film industry and more the amount of young kids that are killing themselves around the country, and having my attention drawn to that."

"It is definitely getting better." he said, "I think there’s a lot more effort being made to tell stories about different people—and about different groups of people. That’s something that can always improve, but it is something that is happening, though not as quickly as people would like."

The Harry Potter actor is an advocate for the LGBTQ community. (Getty)

Daniel was able to recognize homophobia at a very young age. "When you’re a kid, you’re not going to question that unless somebody tells you to question it, so I didn’t. And then I got to school, and that’s where you hear homophobic slurs being thrown around as kids experiment with swearing when they’re nine or ten, and then you get a sense of homophobia, and how prevalent it is."

Daniel volunteers for The Trevor Project (Getty)

The actor works closely with The Trevor Project. His main goal is to reach out to young people from the LGBTQ community who need love and support. "The thing about The Trevor Project is that the people that man the phones and do all that on a daily basis at The Trevor Project are the people who are on the frontlines of actually saving lives."

The Trevor Project was founded in 1998 to act as a suicide prevention line. The American organization focuses their efforts on the LGBTQ community. Daniel's efforts with the group have been very important in saving lives. "It’s something that people do mention to me occasionally as having been important to them," the actor admits "and whenever they do I feel incredibly honored to have been able to help in some tiny way."

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