Actor Daniel Kaluuya is on a roll.

He's been building up a spectacular portfolio with the range of films he's acted in. But the one project that gave him his big break was his role in Jordan Peele's multi-nominated Oscar movie, Get Out.

Daniel has snagged an Oscar nomination for an award for his phenomenal performance in the critically acclaimed social narrative.

Daniel has snagged a nominated for an award for his phenomenal performance in the critically acclaimed movie Get Out. (Getty)

Daniel is amped up for awards season. The word of his nomination has completely changed his life. "It has changed. When I go to music festivals now, it's intense. There's selfies and that," he recently told The Hollywood Reporter.

Daniel supports his friend Nicholas Hoult (Getty)

The cheeky actor hinted that this might be the first time he's going to see the winners in real time. Daniel hasn't watched any of the live streams but does recall one incident. He was trying to show his support for friend and fellow actor Nicholas Hoult who had appeared in Mad Max: Fury Road last year.

"I remember one year we watched it because our friend — actor Nicholas Hoult — was on it and we thought it'd be a laugh."

Daniel at the premiere of Johnny English Reborn. (Getty)

Daniel was a true friend, staying up the entire night to spot his boy Nicholas on TV. "I was like, 'This is late, man, I've had so much Red Bull.' Actually, it wasn't Red Bull, it was Monster — I was having the dirty shit! I was having that to support my boy, and I was just mashed!" Talk about a dedicated friend! We wonder if his friend and fellow star Nicholas Hoult will stay up for him this time. Maybe Daniel should send him a crate of energy drinks to keep him up all night. 

Catch Daniel in the latest Marvel movie Black Panther (Facebook)

Daniel got his first break on television after landing roles in Doctor Who, Black Mirror, and Skins. He has also acted in Johnny English Reborn, Sicario and Kick-Ass 2. Daniel can currently be seen in Disney's Black Panther. Daniel's Academy Awards nomination was for his role on Jordan Peele's Get Out. The movie is a dark take on social issues. The Oscars will air on March 4.

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