When James Bond actor Daniel Craig was presenting the BAFTA for Best Picture on February 18, fans and viewers, in general, were left shocked. The actor's face looked off and it didn't take long for social media to erupt with comments.

Twitter, especially, was rife with speculation whether the 49-year-old had gone under the knife. One user hilariously tweeted: "That frozen face will endure minimal . . . Eyefall." 

Daniel Craig presenting the Best Picture award at the BAFTA's this year (Rex Features)

Craig has been loved by women across the world from the first time he was seen as Bond in Casino Royale. A major question that everyone seems to be asking is what happened between then and now?

Twitter lit up when Craig walked onto the stage to present the award (Twitter)

That famous scene from the first film where he walked out of the sea — with his chiseled jawline, abs that were crafted by magical elves and biceps that could've given any 20-something gym enthusiast a run for their money — cemented Craig's place in this world as a sex bomb.

The scene that made women the world over swoon for Craig (Twitter)

Georgette Culley of The Sun couldn't figure out what happened to the actor so she turned to Dr David Jack, a cosmetic doctor, to find out if there was anything he might know about it.

The Sun asked a cosmetic surgeon if there was a major mistake that happened with Craig's new face (Twitter)

"His face looks swollen and unnatural," the cosmetic doctor explained. "It could be a number of different things but the most obvious would be overdoing botox and fillers."

Dr. David Jack said that Craig's face is swollen because the Botox and fillers were probably overdone (Twitter)

"It looks as if he’s had a high dosage of botox in his top and lower face as well as lots of fillers. When administering botox for men, you have to be careful not to use too much."

Twitter users were just savage (Twitter)

"You don’t want to remove every line ­— because then you start to feminize the face, which can look weird. “Botox should just relax the features, not completely smooth them out."

The doctor said that Botox should relax the features and not smooth them out (Twitter)

"It’s the same with fillers. They should only be used to create volume where it has been lost. They shouldn’t be used to create features like cheekbones which weren’t there before," he said.

The biggest question asked by users after the awards ceremony (Twitter)

"If this is behind Daniel’s swollen face, and not some kind of illness or facial reaction, then I’d suggest he lays off Botox and has a correctional treatment to dissolve the fillers."

Craig tried to get his face enhanced but we don't think he succeeded (Twitter)

So there you have it internet. Craig got his face cosmetically "enhanced" or, at least, he tried to. Twitter users have been merciless with their comments.

Bond 25 is slated for a November 2019 release and Craig will reprise the role of the super spy (Twitter)

His gorgeous wife, 47-year-old Rachel Weisz, on the other hand, still has that eternally beautiful look which will never go out of style.

Craig may be getting ready to play Bond one final time in Bond 25. The film is slated for a release in November 2019, so fans are still hopeful that the actor can turn all of this around and return to his former glory.

Rachel Weisz's red carpet appearance at the BAFTA (Getty Images)

The actor had famously said in a US talk show that he would "rather slash (his) wrists" than take up the 007 mantle again but looks like he's going to have to play the role one last time.

Craig still has time to get back into Bond shape but the real question is will his face still have the smoulder that we're all used to? (Twitter)

Rumour mills are still buzzing about who will play Bond. Daniel Kaluuya of Get Out fame is said to be in the running but the studio has not confirmed anything at this point.

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