Mother sold little daughters, aged 7 and 8, to pedophile and watched as he raped them several times in his car

She agreed upon the offered sum of money and herself bought the kids, aged 7 and 8, to his car

                            Mother sold little daughters, aged 7 and 8, to pedophile and watched as he raped them several times in his car
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In a sickening incident, a Russian mother sold her two young daughters to a pedophile. She has been sentenced to jail for around 20 years. 

The court was shocked and disgusted to hear that the mother sat and watched as the man sexually abused and then raped the girls who were aged just 7 and 8, inside a car. The man was sentenced to 22 years in prison in a strict regime penal colony, The Sun reveals. He had also been convicted on a separate incident of blackmailing and sexually attacking a girl aged 14. Images show the pair who have not been identified being escorted to a court in Sayanogorsk in the Khakassia region. 

The woman had reportedly accepted a large but unknown amount of money from the pedophile so that he could sexually abuse her children. The 35-year-old woman took the two children to his car where he attacked them.

The incident came to light in 2012 after the sisters who are now teenagers ran away from their mother. They were able to escape and then confided to social workers and got candid about the horrific ordeal. Both the mother and the attacker were convicted of rape and violent sexual acts after they exploited the 'helpless state' of the two minor victims.

According to the Russian Investigative Committee, "Between November to December 2012, they put children in a car, where the man committed sexual acts against children in the presence of their mother. They violated the normal physiological, mental and moral development of the girls' personalities."

Vesti Khakassia gave a TV report and shared, "The man offered to pay the mother for sex with her daughters. She agreed and herself brought the little ones into his hands. It happened inside his car."

Another recent shocking incident made headlines after it was found that a trio of women allegedly took young children to a home where they would let multiple pedophiles rape the children for cash. 32-year-old Magan Richmond, 37-year-old Tasha Stringer and 36-year-old Kathryn McMullen were accused of luring children to the home in Ohio. Pedophiles would then sexually abuse the children and also record the attacks. It is said that the women arranged organized crime in exchange for drugs and cash. The age of the children they lured varied from 3 to 13.

The Scioto County Sheriff's Office started looking into the crimes after they received evidence of the alleged child abuse. They then arrested all the three women involved in March. The police had been assisted by the FBI.

The women each face a charge of first-degree rape. All the three women have been held at Scioto County Jail. The exact relationship of the women's young victims to them has not been disclosed. The children affected have all been taken into custody by social services. 

It is also not known whether the pedophiles who sexually abused the children and filmed the attack have been arrested.

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