Sometimes, aging can be a good thing. Just take a look at reality star Courtney Stodden. You'd remember her from her days of being Miss Teen Washington or her infamous 2011 wedding to actor Doug Hutchinson who was 51 at the time and she was just stepping into her sweet sixteen.

Courtney (L) now and at the wedding with Doug.(Source: Pinterest)

Courtney who split from Doug in early 2017, looks like she's doing well. Quite literally - you can see the difference in her style and appearance. It wouldn't be wrong to say she looks much younger at 23 now than she did when she was 16 and married to the actor. 

(Source: Getty Images)

It must have been hard for her to match up to Doug's standards, after all, he had been married twice before. Perhaps it was his taste in the kind of women he liked that made Courtney dress like a 40-year-old divorced single mother who does a lot of drugs. All that heavy ashy makeup and equally tacky lips paired with those heinous outfits - she wasn't doing herself any favors. 

The old Courtney. (Source: Getty Images)

Now that she's dating entrepreneur Chris Sheng and looks a bit stable, post her depression confessions, it must be pointed that she appears to have shed decades off her face. She is still quite loud with her looks, but she's figured out how to use a tanner and when to skip it. Her makeup looks on point and there's a certain femininity in her fashion choices - it could even be called the beginning stages of elegance. She's smiling more often and her inner happiness is perhaps the secret to her rightful youth. 

The happy 23-year-old present Courtney. (Source: Getty Images)

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