Horny couple fined $205 for having sex on beach while children played nearby

Horny couple fined $205 for having sex on beach while children played nearby
Police fined a couple for having sex on the beach (Twitter/@miboyaca_co)

PUERTO COLOMBIA, COLOMBIA: Authorities on Colombia's Caribbean coast in the Atlántico department fined a couple who were caught having sex on the beach. Sunbathers at Marimar Beach in Puerto Colombia were shocked to see the shameless couple having sex in broad daylight on Sunday, September 11.

A family of beachgoers noticed the couple changing positions in the water as kids were playing close by. The couple, whose names were withheld by the authorities, had been identified, according to Sal Leyva, director of public safety in Puerto Colombia, and they had been fined $205.


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In the footage, a man who seemed to be the person recording the naked couple yelled, "I thought he was going to turn her on her back." A woman near him then said, "It must be that she is drugged? …That woman must be drugged up?" The couple can be seen repeatedly turning around in the water in the short viral video. They appeared to be unaffected even after knowing they were being filmed. "Don't look over there...he's already laughing," the man filming the incident warned another person.

Puerto Colombia public security chief Saúl Leyva said, "We have a manual for the use of the beaches to make responsible use of the area, that is why we located these people and fined them."

In a similar incident reported earlier, a couple was detained for reportedly having sex in the middle of a crowded beach in Brazil. In December 2021, the daring couple was captured on video pretending to have "sex on the beach" in a renowned tourist hotspot in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro. Despite the fact that they were surrounded by other sunbathers on Praia do Forte beach, the couple appeared to be completely focused on themselves. The video went viral on social media, where a man laying on top of a woman. The male was seen thrusting his hips back and forth.

In another incident, a police report obtained by WBNS noted how a police sergeant and security officials confronted David Davis, 32, of Ruskin, Florida, and Heather Johnston, 32, of Miamisburg, Ohio, after witnesses told the authorities they saw the adults having sex in the Giant Wheel ride cart above them. Johnston told cops that she was wearing shorts under her dress and dropped a cigarette pack which Davis was helping her pick from the floor. However, they eventually admitted to having sex on top of the ride. Both Johnston and Davis were arrested at the scene and taken to the Erie County Police Department, where they were each charged with a first-degree misdemeanor because they engaged in the explicit activity in front of minors. The couple appeared at Sandusky Municipal Court on Monday, August 15.

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