Trust South Korea's fashion-forward singer CL on how to rock traditional wear in the trendiest manner when all eyes are on her. Performing in the closing ceremony of Pyeongchang Olympics, "The I'm The Best" singer flaunted a glossy black outfit comprising of custom pieces from some of Korea’s biggest labels. Besides her A-class performance, she was also sending a hidden message, with her attire.

CL closing the Winter Olympics 2018 with her stellar performance (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

There was a sleek trench from Juun.J covered in punk patches paired with Gentle Monster sunglasses, and a glossy corset that were perfectly paired with latex leggings. At first glance, you can spot tons of sex appeal, but a detailed interpretation of her look will let you see the elements of Korean military uniform as well as the Korean hanbok dress. The singer meant to represent the look of an artist at crossroads.

We don't know how many spotted that. CL amidst all the cultural display of her country in one sophisticated performance also represented her own self. Her longtime stylist, Matthew Mazur, is quoted saying, “It's obviously a huge moment in her career, but she's going through a transformation trying to find the balance of who she is in the Korean pop world, and on the American pop scene as well. There are some elements of who she was and still is, but we also wanted to showcase something new, represent her mood now and [her] current obsessions.” 

The former 2NE1 member embraced her streetwear-influenced fashion in all Korean labels except for a one-of-a-kind pair of Giuseppe Zanotti boots to complete the ensemble. But scoring this perfect attire to suit up CL's performance was not only challenging but also a last moment thing riddled with technical changes. "We had the outfit ready, everything was good to go, and then we found out that the color of the stage had changed. Suddenly we had to start from scratch," said Mazur. The stylist, who was in New York while CL was in Korea had to rethink the outfit completely and re-connect with designers to see if something new could be created on time. 

CL's former band 2NE1 (Source: Pinterest)

The changes, however, stayed true to the experiential punk scene fused with rebellious details while staying true to CL's high fashion performance. The rebellious detail in the look included an art piece from a street culture painter, B. Thom Stevenson. “[B. Thom] is really influenced by street culture, and so is [CL], so he created custom patches that all relate to her,” says Mazur. The look had embodied her fanbase initials of GZB and dental floss, like that of an original punk, was sewn onto her ensemble. 

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