BREAKING NEWS: 3 dead, 4 critically injured as gunman opens fire at Cincinnati bank

BREAKING NEWS: 3 dead, 4 critically injured as gunman opens fire at Cincinnati bank

At least three people are reported dead, and four people have been critically injured during a shooting at a Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati on Thursday morning.

The Cincinnati Police Department released a statement about the shooting at 9:23 am, tweeting about an "active shooter/officer involved shooting incident" at the Fifth Third Bank at 511 Walnut Street.

Police said that the shooting occurred at 9:10 am in the lobby and the loading dock area of the bank. There are reports of the gunman being shot in the incident too, however, there are conflicting reports on whether he is deceased or in police custody.

No motive for the incident has been released yet, and authorities have launched an investigation into the case.

One of the victims was found at the intersection of 5th and Walnut street, while another was found inside Graeter's Ice cream shop near the busy Fountain Square, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported, citing police officials.

The fatalities were confirmed by the Cincinnati City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld, who tweeted: "Terrible shooting incident in the heart of our city this morning. Multiple shots, and tragically there are fatalities. Details still emerging. Pray for our city."



A witness, while talking to the news outlet, said that he saw a woman walking into the bank with her headphones on and getting shot by the gunman, according to reports.

A grisly picture of the incident was shared on Twitter by the president of the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky African American Chamber of Commerce, which showed first responders taking a naked man, covered in blood on a gurney. The injured man appeared to have had a gunshot wound to the head.



Reports state that all victims have been taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for treatment, and no police officers were injured in the incident.

Senator Rob Portman also tweeted about the incident, saying that his staff is following the developments of the deadly shooting.

"If you're downtown, please follow first responder instructions for the safety of everyone involved. Jane and I hope for a peaceful resolution soon," he tweeted.

This is a developing story, more details of the incident are awaited.

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