Chris Watts' mistress says he liked 'animalistic, rough' sex and kept trying to choke her during intercourse

The unnamed woman allegedly met Chris Watts on Tinder and claims that he used another man's photo on his profile, told her that he was divorced and didn't have any children

                            Chris Watts' mistress says he liked 'animalistic, rough' sex and kept trying to choke her during intercourse

Chris Watts, the man who murdered his pregnant wife and two young daughters, liked "animalistic, rough" sex and liked to strangulate his partner during intercourse. This is the shocking revelation that his former lover, a brunette stylist, has come forward with.

According to the mistress, Chris got dates using the Tinder app and used it regularly to find partners. The woman, whose name has not been revealed, is in her 30s and looks a lot like Chris' late wife, 34-year-old Shanann Watts. She also claimed that she had a six-week affair with him in May and June.

Radar Online spoke to the woman who said she was shocked when she found out what he had done. "He would put his hands on my throat during intercourse. Now that I know who he is, it gives me the chills! I can’t even think about it. But nothing about him alarmed me until he tried to choke me. That freaked me out. He had a rape fantasy. He was very kinky. When we had sex, it was very animalistic. He just zoned out into a different person. He wasn’t the kind of guy who would cuddle and watch a movie."


The woman said that she lived only 30 miles away from where Chris and his family stayed in Frederick, Colorado. She also claimed that she had been charmed by the man with dates at a local pizza place and Chick-fil-A. She said: "He seemed normal at first. He didn’t strike me as violent or strange." The pair saw each other at least twice a week but she slowly started noticing that Chris was "always sneaking around". 

She also said that she didn't think too much of it at the beginning because she hadn't been looking for a serious relationship at the time but then all the romance died out and she dumped Chris after she realized that he was only using her for the sex.

After he was arrested for the brutal murders of his wife Shanann and daughter Bella and Celeste, the woman said she recognized him from news reports and felt incredibly nauseated.

The woman also said that Chris had lied to her from the beginning of their affair. The picture on Tinder that he had uploaded had been of another man and he had also said that he did not have any children aside from being separated from his wife. According to legal experts, the mistress could be a key witness in his prosecution.

The Weld County District Attorney's Office said: "We are unable to confirm whether any specific person had been involved in the case as it is an ongoing investigation." Radar's sources, however, have said that the authorities had been aware that Chris was attracted to both men and women and that he was seeing multiple people across the county for sex. Court documents have also revealed that he had an affair with a co-worker as well.

The mistress has said that she does not have any doubt that Chris murdered his family and finally. She said: "It would have been much easier for him to take me out than wipe out his whole family. It’s a bad thing to say, ‘It could have been me’ — because it wasn’t. It was three beautiful souls."

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.