Chris Rock won't apologize to Chris Brown for the joke he made about his parenting

Chris Rock and Chris Brown might just have a feud going but it does not seem like the comedian is apologetic for the words he used.

                            Chris Rock won't apologize to Chris Brown for the joke he made about his parenting

Looks like Chris is not fond of Chris! This might be the start of a new feud in Hollywood. Recently, Chris Rock decided to go after Chris Brown as he used him as an element for one of his jokes which he presented during the Netflix Originals. While Brown may not have liked it, Rock does not seem to be apologetic about it. 

Chris Rock is not going to apologize for his comment on Chris Brown (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for The Headstrong Project)

Rock joked about how upset he is over the fact his custody judge is making him take pictures of his kids’ beds and the food in his fridge to prove he has beds and meals ready for them. He then goes on to say, "I’m Chris Rock, not Chris Brown."

A source close to Rock told Hollywood Life that the comedian does not feel that he did any wrong. "Chris really isn’t big into apologies, and definitely not when he feels there’s no apology warranted." The insider even added that it is time for Brown to have some thicker skin and take a joke as a joke. 

Chris Brown was not happy that Chris Rock took a dig at his parenting skills  (Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images)

"If Chris Brown is so thin–skinned that he’s outraged by a joke, he needs to toughen up," the insider said. "And as far as Chris Rock’s concerned, he should be flattered he got name-checked in the first place.” A source close to Brown had previously told the tabloid about how upset he was upon hearing the joke. 

“Chris is furious at Chris Rock over a diss in his latest stand-up special,” the insider told Hollywood Life."Brown feels like Rock made a cheap comment about Brown not being a good father, which couldn’t be further from the truth. The source added that it was insensitive of Rock to target his parenting skills in order to use it as a bait for getting few waves of laughter from the audience. 

"Brown can take a good joke, but he felt that Rock attacking his parenting was taking it too far. Insinuating Brown is a bad father who doesn’t provide for his daughter is the ultimate disrespect," the source said. Looks like the two have few things to settle down between them. 

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